Dec 10 2011

Go-To Holiday Gifts: For the Ladies

You never know who you are going to forget on that huge list, we’ve put together some ideas for “Go-To Gifts Ideas for the Ladies” that you can give the hostess, teachers, hairstylists, or any aquantances you forgot to plan for.  Be sure to check them out live in our NBC 5 Chicago Clip below.

Watch us chat about these gifts ideas on our “Go – To Gift ideas for People You Forgot to Plan for” on NBC 5 Chicago  on 12.11.  Here is a link to our other segment later that day w/ more “Gift Ideas for the Special Women in Your Life.”

Botanolution Skin Care 

Botanolution is a cool company dedicated to educating the public on how to take care of their skin using the healing powers of botanicals. A god-send for those with allergies or sensitive skin or for those who just want to put only “the good stuff” on their face. Their new Enlightment Skin Care Collection compliments all skin types. From their masks and facial washes to their body polish and lip balms, every item is a treat for the skin. They have a great $25 gift travel set, featuring 4 of their products.

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Sweet Rexies Chocolate Covered Oreos 

The New York Times called Sweet Rexies a “Sweets Lover’s Eden” and I can see why. There are bins and cylinders and shelves chocked full of sweet favorites and you can also have birthday parties there. Not in New York? Order these chocolate covered oreos with these unique holiday designs, encircled by red nonpareils. 9 chocolate covered oreos in a gift wrapped box are $22.95.  Plus, they can personalize anything you want.

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Yellow Tail Bubbles 

The oh-so-popular (and cheap!) Yellow Tail Wine came out with Yellow Tail Bubbles. New look and a revolutionary closure (brilliant.) Love that this Champagne has all the bubbly without all the usual foo-foo champagne attitude. Trust us, ladies love the bubbly! It’s a chic hostess gift and the best celebration accessory for any occassion. Made in Australia and sold everywhere. $9.59

Bag Inspiration 

Ladies love bags, wallets, clutches, you name it…we can never have enough. Bag Inspiration makes it easy for you men to find her something without having to deal with the pressureed sales pitch from the ladies at the mall. Our fav:  The recycled inner tube line from Alchemy Goods.

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Snooty Roots Odor Neutralizing Candle 

A-list LA chef Meg Hall is the founder of a chef inspired kitchenware line, Snooty Roots, which offers solutions for everyday kitchen problems. Her first and hot item is this kitchen candle which clears the air with an odor neutralizing technology designed to knock out even the strongest of smells!. Comes in 4 eco-friendly coconut wax aromas with a luxury wood wick. Added flare: It sounds like a crackling fire when lit. $40

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Personalized Magazine Covers 

This is super fun, quick & easy. Celebrate every important passage, holiday or milestone in life by making anyone a star with their very own magazine cover. The cover features a photo and a custom headline and there are more than 60 templates to choose from. Just download a photo to self-print or they can print it for you. It’s an instant  personalized gift for every occasion!  A YourCover download is $12.95. Also you can blow it up into a poster size magazine cover or turn it into an invitation or post it on a mug. Personalized, easy and fun!


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