Apr 5 2010

Show Your Momma Some Gratitude

WaterMeWell‘s Gratitude Gift Basket is full of fun eco-friendly gifts to show mom how grateful you are for all she does for you.

Comes with their signature and unbelievable comfortable T-Shirts, a gratitude recycled cup, a scarf and some other fun stuff Mom will love.

Positive messages are printed inside all of their garments to be a personal reminder for you to “believe in love have gratitude create peace and be joy”


Apr 5 2010

Cute and Modern Italian Herb Garden

Red Envelope’s Herb Garden is one of the cutest herb garden’s I’ve seen.

This is an Italian Garden with basil, oregano and chives.

Will look great on your mom’s kitchen window sill.

Great price too – $35.00

Save 10% site-wide, 15% off $80+ and 20% off $125+


Apr 5 2010

Personalized Family Dinnerwear for Mom

Jessica Rust Designs has personalized dinner wear perfect for a gift for Mom.

You can include the whole family on this Family Tree collection or there’s also a great design with a silhouette of your child, name and date they were born.

Jeccia Rust Designs


Apr 5 2010

Cutest Diaper Holder I’ve Ever Seen

Momma Couture is a little diaper clutch that makes it quick and easy to store diapers and throw into your purse.

Great baby shower gift!

Lots of other fun diaper bags at Momma Couture too.



Apr 5 2010

Candles For a Green Hearted Mom

These luxe soy wax candles are all natural and made from all recycled materials and smell delish.

Comes in lots of different scents, pick one you know your mom loves and show her how much you care, that she cares, about the environment.

Linnea’s Lights


Apr 5 2010

Design Your Own Purse!

Laudi Vidni is an e-commerce site where you can make your purse exactly how you like it… kind of a dream come true!

You can choose from eight different silhouettes and a bunch of different types of leather, sateen, and hardware. 

Make one for your Mom with her favorite colors. 

Prices range from $85- $795



Apr 5 2010

Keurig – Latest and Greatest Coffee Machine

Keurig’s are all the rage in the world of coffee machines.

It comes with K-cups that are pre measured, you can get coffee, espresso, tea, lattes, etc.

Great for an entertainer.  Make your guests any kind of coffee they’d like!

Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System


Apr 5 2010

Personalized Jewelry with the Name Of Your Kids

Isabella Grace has some really cute personalized jewelry, great for Moms.

This name tag necklace has been worn by lots of Hollywood moms with their crazy baby names, like Everleigh, engraved.

Looks great layered.

Check out the site for other personalized jewelry ideas too!

Enter celeb15 for 15% discount!


Apr 5 2010

Ihome for the Kitchen

ihome has pretty much came up with a way to play your Ipod anywhere these days.

Now make sure your Mom always has her favorite music around  – with this Ihome Kitchen Timer and Alarm Clock Radio.

Make it even more special and make her a Mother’s Day playlist too.

iHome Kitchen Timer and Alarm Clock Radio Speaker System for iPhone/iPod


Apr 5 2010

Always Have A Date On Your Arm

An adorable gift for a new mom.

The calendar necklace from dalla nonna has the designers signature calendar with a little stone which you can put on any date you’d like (birthday, anniversary, etc)
The design is a fun mix of new and old styles.
They also have wrap bracelets with the same signature calendar and then you can pick whichever color leather wrap you’d like. 



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