Nov 8 2009

Send a box of gourmet rice krispy treats to an old friend

Who doesn’t love Rice Krispy Treats? Especially when they are adorably decorated like these. 

This box of gourmet Rice Krispy Treats are a perfect idea to send to an old friend.  

It is also a cute corporate gift to send over to a client when you want to send something just a little bit different.


Nov 3 2009

Give A Gift That Gives Back

The Nature Conservancy has some really unique gift ideas.

You can:
  • Adopt an Acre (in Africa or various other places around the world)
  • Plant a tree for just $1.00
  • Adopt a coral reef
  • Help save the northern jaguars
  • Give the gift of clean water

Nature Conservatory Gift Guide


Nov 1 2009

Great Gift For Bosses/Co-Workers

This Sticky Pad makes your to-do lists way more fun.                                      Only $12.99                                            Click Banner Below for more info.


Oct 14 2009

Give A Deck Of Bar Cards – Playing Cards Redeemable for your Liquor of Choice

For $30 you can give your biggest vice loving friend a full deck of cards and $520 worth of drinks at bars around Chicago.

Each card in the deck is redeemable for $10 at different chicago bars.  And it’s a pretty good list of bars too -English, Pops, Motel Bar, Redmonds and Sheffield’s. 

It’s a great deal and a really fun gift. Imagine all the drinking games you could come up with?                           

Sounds almost too good to be true.  Check it out for yourself.


Sep 26 2009

Largest Gummy Bear in the World

World's Largest Gummy Bear   

Send a giant Gummy Bear to someone who loves them! 

It is 88 times the size of a regular gummy bear and comes on a stick for easy snacking.  

Click picture above to shop.



Sep 20 2009

Emergency Chocolates, Great Emergency Gift Idea

Everyone needs a little emergency chocolate fix sometimes. This is a great inexpensive gift to stock up for last minute gift needs that might come about!

On Sale! Only $5.95




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