May 9 2013

DIY Silhouette Prints // Mother’s Day Gifts

DIY gifts are a really thoughtful and meaningful way to go for a creative Mother’s Day gift. A lot of DIY ideas really aren’t as difficult as they look. We tried our first stab at silhouette art and it was pretty simple!

If you don’t have any photoshop skills, try just printing out a profile shot of the family or pet on sticky paper. Print a few and a few sizes so you have some back-up. Then cut out carefully and stick to any paintable surface, pick a bright “pop-able” acrylic paint color, paint away and when dry just peel off the sticker and you are left with a lovely profile of your loved one! We used canvas and cork for coasters.

If you have a little bit of photoshoping skills, you can try a more original look by printing a black silhoutte, cutting out and framing with some pretty wrapping paper as the background.






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