Feb 8 2010

Make Perfume Out Of Your DNA

Give a gift you are sure no else will have…

Make a fragrance from your DNA at MyDNA.

If you are really sneaky find a way to get a swab of your girlfriend or boyfriend’s DNA on a cotton swab, send it in and surprise them.

If that’s not possible, they will send you a really creative little DNA kit w/ a vile, cotton swabs and a DNA transporting pouch.

You can give that as a the precursor to gift and let them know what’s coming!


Feb 8 2010

For A Hard to Shop For Girl

No girl can ever have enough candles, lotions or body wash.

If you don’t know what to get your girl giving her a few little luxuries is always a easy and safe bet.  Especially when they are packaged as beautifully as Lollia’s products.

Check out Layla Grayce to shop for Lollia products and lots of other equally luxurious and beautiful options.


Feb 7 2010

Tangerine Smile Gift Sets

I think making little gift packages is the cutest way to give a gift.  It’s more fun that way, more fun to open, more fun to play with, more fun all around.
Tangerine Smile takes the hassle out of finding all the best ingredients for a perfect package and does it for you!  
This girls night set is a great one for your single girlfriends on Valentine’s Day.  They also have cute ones for those in a relationship, get well soon sets, housewarmings sets, etc, etc, etc

Feb 7 2010

Bringing Back Mood Rings

Sweet Nirvana Jewelry is bringing back mood rings.


She has lots of other cute jewelry on her Etsy Shop too.

Sweet Nirvanas


Feb 7 2010

Papercuts By Joe

How cute is this?    

This Etsy artist makes paper cutout silhouettes

Send a snapshot to the artist and he can customize your cutout with anything you


Feb 7 2010

SMITTENS – Mittens You Can Hold Hands In!

So cute and so cheesy,  give these red fleece SMITTENS and you can hold hands no matter how freezing it is outside.

If you can convince your man to walk around with you wearing these … he’s a keeper.




Feb 7 2010

Set The Mood With Massage Candles

Set the mood with these massage candles from Red Envelope.

They deliver them (and everything else you buy from them) in a big, red beautiful box with a white big ribbon.

Red Envelope


Feb 7 2010

Roses That Will Never Wilt

Absolutely all girls love Hanky Panky Thongs.   

Absolutely all girls love roses.  

That makes this bouquet of Hanky Panky Thongs the perfect gift. 


Feb 6 2010

Share Music With The One You Love

YBuds make it super easy to share music with the one you love! 
Perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Make a mix on your Ipod, give them these Ybuds for $18.00 and you have a cute, romantic and inexpensive gift.
It reminds me of the scene in the office when Jim and Pam are outside, in love, listening to Jim’s iPod together .


Feb 6 2010

Gifts for REAL men

For Him gifts from Cambria Cover. 
Single Malt Scotch book great gift for your husband on valentine’s day 
Their chocolates are pretty chic too. They are in a black super slim box are all iridescent colors.



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