Feb 5 2010

Bliss in A Bottle

What could be more blissful than a wine and chocolate combo?   Bliss in a bottle will dip a bottle of wine or champagne into Belgian chocolate for you and then if you’d like they will customize it to say anything you’d like.

For With Love’s Fox segment they customized some beautiful bottles for the Fox 2 News anchors and staff!  
Prices Vary



Dec 18 2009

What To Give Your Boss/Co Workers

I’ve gotten a few requests lately for gift ideas for bosses and coworkers.

Buying for those in your office is definitely a tough task.  I just created a new Office Gifts section so hopefully that will make it a little easier.

These Thomas Paul Mousepads are super cute, you can write on them and then rip the page off to find a fresh one for the next day.

www.seejanework.com is a great site to check out for other ideas, so is papersource.com

Please continue to send over requests of gifts you need help with! I love to hear any and all suggestions!


Dec 16 2009

Give A Fruit Gum Gift Basket

Wrigley’s Fabulous Fruit Basket is a great gift for coworkers, bosses or clients.

It’s the same idea as a typical fruit basket but is way more original of an idea, never rots, and is a great thing to pass around the office.

It comes in two reasonably priced sizes – a small gum box ($24.99) and a large gum basket ($34.99).



Nov 25 2009

When Godiva Just Won’t Cut It

Don’t send any old box of chocolates this year.

Send a chic box from Vosges. While a little pricey, the purple boxes and beautifully designed chocolates are worth the splurge. 

Nov 8 2009

Send a box of gourmet rice krispy treats to an old friend

Who doesn’t love Rice Krispy Treats? Especially when they are adorably decorated like these. 

This box of gourmet Rice Krispy Treats are a perfect idea to send to an old friend.  

It is also a cute corporate gift to send over to a client when you want to send something just a little bit different.


Nov 1 2009

Great Gift For Bosses/Co-Workers

This Sticky Pad makes your to-do lists way more fun.                                      Only $12.99                                            Click Banner Below for more info.




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