Nov 3 2009

Give A Gift That Gives Back

The Nature Conservancy has some really unique gift ideas.

You can:
  • Adopt an Acre (in Africa or various other places around the world)
  • Plant a tree for just $1.00
  • Adopt a coral reef
  • Help save the northern jaguars
  • Give the gift of clean water

Nature Conservatory Gift Guide


Oct 22 2009

Give a Completely Customized Element Bar

” Element Bars” let’s you customize your own ingredients (or elements) of a personalized nutrition bar.  

You can literally pick every ingredient you do or don’t want in your bar on their web site, they will make them, and send them on over to you.  The site is really fun to play around with and even changes the nutrition label as you are adding ingredients so you know exactly what you are eating.

It’s even cuter that you can customize the labels. 

It’s a perfect gift for a health conscious friend or family member.

This was a great idea sent in from a reader – keep ’em coming! We are always looking for new ideas.




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