Jun 8 2010

XShot – Camera Extender

No one likes to be the guy whose always taking the pictures of everyone else’s memorable moments.

The XShot solves that problem completely.  It’s an extender for your camera so you can take great shots without needing anyone else around!

It’s a perfect gift for a graduate who is going to be traveling.


XShot Camera Extender – Black (XS2379)


Jun 8 2010

Jack Spade’s Man Case

I love everything Jack Spade.

His new line of covers for the Nook are the perfect combo of masculine and cool.

If you buy before July Barnes and Noble is having a promotion that if you buy a Nook you get a $50 gift certificate to start you eBook library.

 Free Shipping on Nook


Jun 8 2010

Unique Wallets for Dad

I normally stray away from recommending typical gift ideas like leather wallets, but I’m going to make an exception for these Gus Wallets. 

Gus Wallets are all designed in the US and handcrafted in Italy.  They are quality but all with a bit of unique flair too.

I love flair about as much as I love Italian food, men, and accents.  



Jun 7 2010

Jun 4 2010

Kind Notes, Kind Gift

Kind Notes 

Kind Notes makes these jars of wishes for all occasions and holidays.

I specifically love them as graduation gifts for someone going off to college.   They make lots of fun styles and colors of these Wish Jars.

Have family and friends write little messages for the graduate at their graduation party, then send them off with something that will make them feel at home even when they are far away.

Tell them to open one each day so they always know how much everyone cares about them from back home.

Around $30.


May 20 2010

Lap Top Portable e-Pad

Brookstone’s e-Pad Portable Laptop Desk is a perfect gift for a graduate.

Comes in lots of different colors, can be stored away and folded and even can cushion your laptop while you’re not using it.


$40 from Brookstone


May 20 2010

His Files Will All Be Organized and Safe Thanks to You!

Up to 75% Off Select Personalized Gifts! CLICK HERE to Shop Things Remembered Now!

Give Dad or Grad a personalized USB drive.



May 20 2010

Coolest Luggage On The Market

Heys USA has the funnest, coolest and most vibrant luggage designs around.

You will be sure to never loose your luggage again.

Heys USA


May 20 2010

Have a Wishing Wall at Your Grad Party

This is one of my favorite gifts for graduation.

It’s a wishing wall from uncommongoods.com.

You put it out at your grad party and then guests can take one of the colorful sheets of paper, write you a wish and stick it in the wall.

It’s like an updated version of a sign in book, and even more personal!


May 20 2010

Beer Classics – Beer Glasses with Class

Perfect for Dad or Grad as well.

This set comes with 6 different beer glasses, all are shaped differently depending on the type of beer it is made for.





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