May 22 2012

Featured Guest Post: Gifts for Geminis


May 21 – June 20

 Looking into the personality of the Gemini, it becomes quite obvious which type of gifts they would most appreciate.

The Gemini, who is ruled by Mercury and has a birthday between May 21 and June 20, is represented by the Heremes, the messenger of the gods. This is a direct link to their love of talking, providing information and finding answers.

“They love solving mysteries, reading papers and playing card games,” said astrologer Steven Stuckey.

Along with these tendencies, they were made for today’s technological world, enjoying electronic gadgets and being surrounded by multimedia. They also love comedy and can often be found doing 2 or 3 things at once.

–          Give both the gift of gadgetry and constant activity with the Motion Sensing Frame from Set it up with music and photos for a personalized slideshow.

–          A unique deck on cards, like the black-on-black deck of cards from, are sure to be used over and over again.

–          DaVinci’s Gold Scavenger Hunt, an experience gift from Cloud 9 Living, will have your Gemini act like a detective to solve a mystery by racing around the city clue by clue to reach the treasure before their opponent.

–          Give them a place to write their messages or store their random bits of trivia with a chalkboard vase or a Note Me Pillow from


Author Bio: Based out of Denver, CO, Ashley McCredie is the online content coordinator for and experience gifts company, Cloud 9 Living. She is a freelance blogger and writer, a photographer and a traveler. Follow her on Twitter at: @ashleymccredie  




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