Aug 4 2015

Make a DIY Emergency or Survival Kit For Life’s Big Moments

Mini emergencies can totally throw off someone’s day! These kits are a totally fun way to give them an extra boost.

Bridal Emergency Kit

Even the happiest day of your life can be a stressful one! This pre-wedding gift will be perfect for taking care of last minute mishaps.


Via Something Turquoise

New Mommy Hospital Survival Kit

Any new mom would smile ear to ear if they received this totally cute hospital kit. It’s sweet and sentimental.


Via Next On Tiff’s List

Mile-High Care Kit

This is a fun and creative gift for someone studying abroad or anyone who is embarking on their own travel adventure.

mile high care kit

Via The Kitchy Kitchen

Back to School Emergency Kit

What a creative gift idea! Use your imagination and customize it for a teacher or student!

back to school

Via A Pumpkin & A Princess

Job Survival Kit

A new job is exciting but can of course be nerve-racking! Give a friend or family member a boost right before they start this new part of their life.


Via Time 2 Partay

TGI Extra: Toiletry Kits to Donate to Hospitals, Homeless Shelters or Ronald McDonald House

What a great way to give back to your community and those in need! This gift will absolutely make someone’s day!


Via Livin In SD

Happy gifting!



Oct 27 2010

Guys to Give Guys – Sports Trash Talk

We get it, we get it.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like the most manly of activities to research, purchase, wrap and deliver a special gift for your buddies…
That’s why this manly, trash talking service is the perfect “gift” for sports loving, high-fiving, beer guzzling men. will have a real person call your bud and talk trash about any team, any sport.  You can customize calls or make it anonymous.  They’ll brag about your sick quarterback, play your teams fight song, or celebrate a big touchdown and really get under the skin of your rival buddies favorite team. 

Prices range from $1.25 – $2.25 and for $10 you can have them call your buddy every day for 20 days leading up to the big game. 
This is a fabulous idea I found on Netted by the Webbies 

Sep 21 2010

LEGO Architecture Sears Tower

I know technically it’s not the Sears Tower anymore … but LEGO  still has a pretty cool kit that’s a perfect gift for any Chicago resident ages 10 +.

I am about to attempt to build a model tonight for our WGN segment …. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out 🙂

You can buy it at the Legoland Discovery Center Tower


Jul 5 2010

If You Loose Your Beer – Just Page It

First of all, I am obsessed with the name of this company, Man Cave.

They have just about everything you need to outfit you or your man’s very own man cave.

Men tend to get left out when it comes to hostess gifts. Give a beer pager or another one of my favorite ideas for the site, their Meat of The Month Club.

Man Cave


Jun 15 2010

For Your Chi Town Dad

Give one of these to Dad for Father’s Day…
or just get one for yourself 🙂


Jun 9 2010

Cloud 9 Living – Give an Experience Gift

Especially in times like these, many people don’t always need or want the tangible gifts they used to.

That’s why I am loving these “experience gifts” from a company called Cloud9 Living.

They have 1,000’s of different types of experiences you can pick from all over the country.  You buy a gift certificate that comes in a cute gift box and the recipient can pick their memorable experience of choice!

Definitely a more memorable gift than another scented candle.

“The Gift Of Passion and Dreams”


May 20 2010

Lap Top Portable e-Pad

Brookstone’s e-Pad Portable Laptop Desk is a perfect gift for a graduate.

Comes in lots of different colors, can be stored away and folded and even can cushion your laptop while you’re not using it.

$40 from Brookstone


May 20 2010

Coolest Luggage On The Market

Heys USA has the funnest, coolest and most vibrant luggage designs around.

You will be sure to never loose your luggage again.

Heys USA


May 20 2010

Mama Says “No More Frozen Pizza”

Send your boy off to college with some recipies from mamasays … disguised as a pizza box.

Such a cute idea! And only $18.99

Great thing to stock up on before graduation season begins.


Mar 8 2010

Give A Man Candle

Give “Mandles”… Candles for Men.

Give candles made out of beer bottles with manly scents like Hooters Waitress (tanning lotion with a hint of fryer oil), Hungry Man TV Dinner (roast beef & creamed corn), Munchies (Fritos, pot), and of course, stripper breath.

Buy A Mandle




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