Nov 11 2013

Movember // Mustache Gift Guide

mustache, movember, gift guideIn honor of Movember and our support for the moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises awareness and funds for men’s health, TGI has created a mustache gift-giving guide of our favorite mustache gifts. Give your Mo Bros the most fitting mustache inspired gift this month!

Personalized Mustache Pillowcases

Personalized Mustache & Lips Set, Fun gift for a bridal shower. $24.99

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Mustache Flask 

Aviator mustache “burlap” flask. Fun gift for the bridal party. Durable & waterproof. $18

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Mustachioed Straws

Now you can drink & look like somebody’s daddy all at the same time. Six reusable clear bendy straws & 6 snap-on mustaches. $9.99.

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Bike Stache

BikeStache: Every bike can use some facial hair.  This manly bike accessory attaches with easy to use velcro straps (included). $8.99.

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Oct 11 2010

Automobrella – The Perfect Tailgating Solution

This Automobrella is the perfect invention for making it comfortable to tailgate on sunny or rainy days. 

It’s essentially a huge  umbrella that hooks up to the back of your truck so you can get shade all day or afternoon. 

It’s easy to set up, quality material and  pivots so it protects you no matter where you are.

Price ranges for $99 – $299


Oct 11 2010

NFL Can Sling Cooler

Sling this cooler over your back to easily lug around 6 cold beers.  
Support your favorite team proudly and keep your hands free for things like brats, beers and fist pumps.

Oct 10 2010

Coolest Boat Toys Ever

These water toys really make lake livin’ all the more perfect.

The Fiesta Island fits 8 and has a mesh bottom so you can either sit comfortably in the water and use the tube as a back rest or sit on the tube itself.

The inflatable cooler is awesome too.

There’s no better party than a party on the lake…


Sep 21 2010

LEGO Architecture Sears Tower

I know technically it’s not the Sears Tower anymore … but LEGO  still has a pretty cool kit that’s a perfect gift for any Chicago resident ages 10 +.

I am about to attempt to build a model tonight for our WGN segment …. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out 🙂

You can buy it at the Legoland Discovery Center Tower


Sep 10 2010

Etch-It Party Cups

A pretty brilliant idea…

Plastic cups with a label that you can use your finger to etch in your name.

Totally eliminates everyone at the party loosing their drinks every 15 minutes.

$8.00 for a pack of 32


Sep 1 2010

Aug 19 2010

Aug 11 2010

Tailgating Games Galore

Become the favorite guest at your next tailgate – bring the ladder ball.

Fun for everyone there.

Sport Craft has a range of other great tailgate games, horseshoe, bags, etc, etc etc.

ESPN Ladder Ball


Aug 11 2010

Give The Ultimate Tailgating Cooler

The Ultimate Tailgating Cooler is a luxury gift, worthy of only the most-experienced tailgaters.  
The all-in-one cooler has everything you need for the big game 




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