Mar 5 2015

Step-by-step Guide for Writing the Perfect “Thank You” Note

Before anything else, the number one rule when writing a proper “Thank You” note is it must always be handwritten.  The shows personalized and effort at first glance.  Once you have this down, you are ready to get started!

Dear [insert name],

1. Thank you so much for the [specific name of gift], it was extremely… generous, kind of you, thoughtful, etc. – make them feel good!
2. It is perfect because……I love jewelry; it is my favorite color – tell them why it was a great gift for you!
3. Get a little more specific…Why is it a great gift? How are you going to use it?…It looks awesome with my other bracelets; it is going to look perfect in my bedroom!
4. Add a little something extra…If they came for an event, say how much you appreciate their attendance. If they sent the gift in the mail, tell them how kind it is of them to put in the extra effort!
5. Always end with some type of appreciation…“You are an amazing friend” “I’m so happy we got to spend some time together” “Miss you and hope to see you soon!”

[Your name]

Check out some of our favorite Thank You Notes to stock up on.

*TGI Extra Tip: If you are receiving a number of gifts for a special occasion, ALWAYS keep a list when unwrapping! It is never fun to guess who a gift came from. Happy writing!


Dec 19 2013

Gift Advice // Gifting to Your Can’t-Do-Without Service Providers

People always ask us about what service providers they should have on their list and what they should give. We answered some of our most popular questions.

What To Get Your Service Provider







Q: Who should you gift?

A. Postal Workers / Hair Stylists / Manicurists/ Babysitters / Teachers / Doorman / Dog Walker / Housekeeper / Tailor or anyonw that you regularly frequent

Some of these service workers are the people that sometimes get lost in the Holiday gift giving shuffle, even though we are so thankful for their roles in our lives. Giving a thoughtful Holiday gift is a thoughtful way to show it.

Q:Do I have to gift everyone that I go to throughout the year? 

A. If you frequent the service provider often or , as in manicurists, hair stylists, babysitter, etc they deserve the extra thought of a thoughtful gift. They know you well; you probably know them well too. Consider their interests, their families, their spouses and buy it, wrap it and always add a handwritten card. They deserve it.  Gift suggestions: $25-$50 or the cost of one service.

Q: What about the people you don’t know that well? 

A. Having a bottle of wine or any alcohol is a great solution to have on hand for those you don’t know well. Purchase some cute wine bags and buy a dozen bottles to have on hand for everyone you need. Easy, quick and cute.   Doorman, dog walkers, postal workers, cleaners, are the people you see often, but might not really know them personally. Cost of wine, champagne or restaurant gift certificate $20.

Q: Can I give cash? 

A. For the babysitter, housekeeper or anyone that you know would really appreciate some extra cash, put the equivalent of one day/service in a card and write an appreciative note, maybe even attach a flower or a add some handmade cookies.

Any tough ones on your list you need help with? 


Aug 7 2013

Gifting Advice // Wedding Gift Etiquette Questions Answered

Wedding Gift Etiquette Questions

Q. Can you really send a gift up to a year later?

A. This is one of those completely old school rules that we think is totally ridiculous.  If you are a question mark on their gift list for an entire year it just comes across as rude.  Try to send something within a month or so after the wedding.

Q. What’s the difference between a shower gift and a wedding gift?

A. Shower gifts are when we really recommend stepping it up with something personalized and unique.  Typically the bride opens all her gifts in front of the guests, so it’s a fun time to give something people will ooh and ahh over. This can be a less expensive gift than the wedding gift.  Check out Creative Shower Gifts here.

Q. Should I bring the gift to the wedding or send it?

A. If it’s a destination wedding or a wedding where the couple lives in another state, we definitely recommend sending it before or after. If you bring it to the wedding, make sure to hand it to the parents or the wedding planner, not the actual bride and groom.

Q. How much should I give?

A. It depends on your relationship to the couple, cultural norms and your financial ability.  But we get asked this all the time, and to not beat around the bush, we typically recommend $50 – $75 per person invited. So if you are invited with a date, $150 – $200 is a nice amount.  And whoever is invited, pays for both.  If you are strapped for cash, give a creative or a personalized gift, if it’s something special the dollar amount won’t be what matters.

Q. Is it okay to go off the registry?

A. Yes!  If you are close to the couple and they are the type to appreciate something personal or sentimental.  Some creative ideas are a fashion sketch of the bride, personalized mugs or prints with their wedding song lyrics or give an activity gift that the couple can do together, cooking classes, wine tasting, etc.

Any questions you all have?  Ask away… 

photo credit: Jeffrey Simms Photography via photopin cc


Mar 18 2013

Gift-Giving Expert Tips // Office Gifting

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 8.35.21 PM








Forget the booze- Alcohol can be a touchy subject. Avoid giving officemates booze unless you know for a fact that they drink alcohol! Wouldn’t you rater be safe than sorry?

Don’t be afraid to give DIY gifts- Why not make the gift yourself? Pinterest, one of our favorite sites, is full of personal DIY gift ideas on both ends of the price spectrum. DIY gifts express that you put both thought and effort into creating a unique gift for a special person!

Include a gift receipt if possible- Okay, so not every gift is a perfect match, but that’s nothing to be offended by! Why not eliminate the fuss of difficult exchanges for your gift receiver and get a gift receipt along with the gift? Tape it to the side of the box so it can be seen, but isn’t too obvious.

Don’t wait until the last minute- Try to avoid last minute purchases. People can tell if you just threw something together right before work. We believe a gift is something that should make someone feel special, so plan ahead and don’t take the easy way out.

Be aware of food allergies- Are you infamous for your chocolate chunk cookies? Baked goods are a great gift to give, especially during the holiday season, but make sure to be mindful of food allergies. You never want to give a gift someone can’t enjoy! Gluten free chocolate chunk cookies anyone?

*Check out our favorite delicious goodies that will be sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and tickle any foodies’ heart.

Wrap your gifts with pizzazz- Make your gift even more exciting to open by wrapping it in an innovative and fabulous way. Check out our Pinterest board with TONS of packaging suggestions or our time saving gift-wrapping tips!

The person who has everything- Why not give back while giving? Consider giving a donation in someone’s name to a charity. A “feel-good” gift to give.

Don’t go too overboard- So, you love gifting like we do? Unfortunately sometimes in an office setting you must be aware of how your gifting techniques reflect on your personality. You don’t want to be viewed as the “brown-noser” of the office!

Hey TGI readers- Can you think of a time when you found yourself in an interesting office-gifting situation? Let us know!



Oct 10 2012

Gift Insider Tips for Holiday Gift Shops + Retailers

The holidays are right around the corner and in the spirit of the season, The Gift Insider would like to lend some helpful tips to all of you holiday retailers out there!

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Dec 6 2011

The Gift Insider is Co-Hosting #sleepnumber Sleep Better Chat: Gift Giving Tips for the Holidays this Thursday

We’re really looking forward to hosting the Sleep Number Twitter Chat on Thursday! You all know we are all about recommending the best of the best and only recommending products we really believer are as fab as they claim to be. Since we had never experience a Sleep Number bed before, they were awesome enough to send us over our very own P5 King Bed last month so we could make sure it was really as amazing as it claims to be.

And oh it is….

So comfy, so easy, so fun playing around with my # (I’m typically about a 45). I love it. And so will any couple who has differing opinions on if a soft or hard bed is the way to go. Or if you have a crappy back.

During the #SleepNumber chat I’ll help you out with gift-giving tips to make your holiday easy and less stressful! I will share some of her very best tips for getting the best deals and finding the absolute perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. @sleepgeekpete and @sleepnumbersara will be on hand to share their insights and expertise as well and help with any Sleep Number questions you might have.

You know we love swag… Sleep Number will be giving away 5 Sleep Number® AirFit™ Adjustable Pillows. (Each Pillow Ranges from $189.00 – $229.00) We haven’t had a chance to check the pillows out, but if they are as awesome as the bed it’s totally worth signing up!

Join the festivities on Dec. 8 from 7-8 PM Central Time

1.) Visit the Sleep Number Facebook page and click on the “Sleep Better Chat” link on the upper left corner to log-in and participate on Thursday evening. Log-in with a username and include #sleepnumber in all your comments.


2.) Follow @SleepNumberSara and @thegiftinsider on Twitter. Remember to include the #sleepnumber hashtag in all your tweets. This will allow us to see your feedback during the discussion.

See you all there!




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