May 20 2010

His Files Will All Be Organized and Safe Thanks to You!

Up to 75% Off Select Personalized Gifts! CLICK HERE to Shop Things Remembered Now!

Give Dad or Grad a personalized USB drive.



May 20 2010

Passport Case for Dad or Grad

Everyone could use a little more organization in their travel routine.

Why not do it with style, but not spend tons of cash? $28.00

Brown Croc Rowallan of Scotland Alistair Passport Wallet


Apr 15 2010

Design Your Own Candy Bars

Chocri is a candy company that lets you completely customize your Chocolate Bar.

You can pick up to six toppings, your fav type of chocolate and even personalize the box.

Great graduation present.  It’s always tough to find gifts for a huge group of friends, this way you can get them all Chocri bars and pick the ingredients you think they’d like best!

Inexpensive, thoughtful, customized


Apr 5 2010

Candles For a Green Hearted Mom

These luxe soy wax candles are all natural and made from all recycled materials and smell delish.

Comes in lots of different scents, pick one you know your mom loves and show her how much you care, that she cares, about the environment.

Linnea’s Lights


Apr 5 2010

Newest Trend in Baked Goods

Lollicakes are the latest, greatest and cutest new trend in the world of baked goods.

They are little cupcakes on a stick coated with a chocolate shell. 

They have the same favorite cupcake flavors like red velvet and mint chocolate but this way you can have a taste of them all without the guilt of eating a whole box of cupcakes! 

Great for client gifts, hostess gifts or mother’s day! 

Mar 28 2010

Give a Deluxe Massage Cushion

Michigan based company, Homedics, has lots of great ways to pamper yourself.

This luxurious all-in-one massaging cushion adjusts to fit your body.  It’s pretty much the KING of all the massage cushions out there. 

The sent one over for me to review for the WGN segment – I literally have come home from work everyday and sat.  It does wonders. 

It has shiatsu, rolling massage, heat, vibration… the works. 

Homedics SBM-500H Therapist Select Shiatsu One Massaging Cushion with Heat


Mar 28 2010

Raising The Candy Bar – 20% discount for With Love Readers!

Raising The Candy Bar is a chocolate shop in Skokie, IL that really takes it to the next level.

They sent over some taste test samples for me to try for the WGN Mother’s Day segment and I haven’t been able to stop raving about their stuff since.

Last night I tried:  Taffy apple – first layer caramel, second layer chocolate, third layer oreos … unbelievable.

Night before: Three chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick doused with sprinkles.

They specialize in Kosher candy, gluten free, sugar free, organic.  Great place to get something for a Passover seder.

Use coupon code: WITHLOVE for 20% off through April 30


Mar 4 2010

Bring to Your Oscar Party

You can’t show up empty handed to a party, especially not an Oscar Party.

If you’re cooking skills aren’t really up to par, bring over Moet’s limited edition Buckets of Bubbles.

It comes with four mini flutes and four bottles of champange.

Sure to keep you on the invite list.



Feb 7 2010

Tangerine Smile Gift Sets

I think making little gift packages is the cutest way to give a gift.  It’s more fun that way, more fun to open, more fun to play with, more fun all around.
Tangerine Smile takes the hassle out of finding all the best ingredients for a perfect package and does it for you!  
This girls night set is a great one for your single girlfriends on Valentine’s Day.  They also have cute ones for those in a relationship, get well soon sets, housewarmings sets, etc, etc, etc

Feb 6 2010

Shemergency Survival Kit

These are fun little gifts for friends or daughters on Valentine’s Day from See Jane Work.    The Shemergency Kit is adorable – everything you need for any lady emergency that might come up.

The product to the right is pretty cute too.  You can’t read it but it says “sew chic”… like a sewing kit that’s so cute and chic.

I have written a few posts about them in the past, but in case you missed it See Jane Work is a GREAT site to find find gifts to keep you organized, office gifts, tons of stuff for mothers.




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