Oct 16 2013

TGI Presents Soundwave Art // Dedicated Post

Perfect unique idea for a wedding gift, baby gift or romantic gift.  Check out their site directly at Soundwave Art or our product page for a 15% off code on TGI.


Sep 17 2012

Gift Guide: Book Lovers + The Writers


It’s almost holiday season ladies and gents, and The Gift Insider wants to tell you about some awesome gifts for writers that they’ve rounded up!

Vintage alert! The Personal Library Kit is an old-fashion alternative to keeping track of your borrowed books by memory. The perfect gift for a generous book owner.

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Jun 4 2012

Grilled Cheesus Panini Maker: Jesus on Toast

Check out my first experience trying out the The Grilled Cheesus! Amazeballs.

Grilled Cheesus Panini Maker

The Grilled Cheesus is an electronic sandwich press that toasts the face of Jesus onto your sandwich bread.  Definitely fun way to impress/freak out your college roommates or inspire kids at breakfast. Portion of profit goes to Feed the Hungry.  The idea came before the Glee episode, but we’re certain it will be a hit for Gleek fans.  “Bring a little miracle to lunchtime.”   $39.95

INSIDER40 for 40% off until June 6th. Buy here:  grilledcheesus.com

—–>Watch it live on our TV segment on NBC Chicago 


Nov 18 2011

Creative Gift Idea: Give an Experience Gift

{Guest Post Feature: Lily Himmelsbach of Let’s Gift It}

Looking for just the right gift that’s out of the box? Well this holiday season we’re excited to bring you the newest trend from across the globe: Experiential Gifting. We’ve seen it happening for years and now consumers are calling for it too, they are looking to share experiences with the giver, rather than just receiving ‘stuff’. Read the rest of this entry »


Nov 16 2011

Cool Gifts to Keep You Warm

Brrr…it’s getting cold up in here! And obviously we’re obsessed with everything furry, fuzzy, cozy and warm right now and so thought we’d put together a list of Cool Gifts to Keep You Warm.

Besides buying a 4-month warm-weather get-away, these are the cold-weather gifts that top our list:

1. Giant Flask

There’s something about that chill in the air that makes you want to cozy up with a little libation or two…Ok, so you might want some help from your friends–or 10-20 of them. It is one humongo flask and remember what you learned in kindergarten – share your toys. ($29.99)

2. USB Drink Warmer

It’s harder to keep drinks warm once the temp hits 30, so hook-up your co-worker with a sweet USB drive that doubles as a drink warmer from Vat19.com. ($16.99).Those USBs get ridiculously hot anyways, so whoever invented this was one smart (techy) cookie.

3. Couples Snuggie

Speaking of things getting HOT…it can’t get much hotter than a Friday night on the couch with a full DVR, munchies and cuddling with your schmoopie in a Couples Snuggie. ($19.95) Ow ow!

4. Make Me Late Pillow

Let’s face it, when it gets cold you spend more time in bed yada yada yada-ing. And a little personalized flirty message on a pillow for your boo might keep you in there longer…or just make you hibernate all winter with this Make Me Late pillow. ($18.95)

5. Voluspa Candles

Set the mood with sweet smelling candles from Voluspa. ($14.90) Just don’t forget to blow it out before the heat of the moment really becomes that.

6. Gloves from Scotland

And finally when you actually decide to wake up from hibernation and leave your place, these hand-knit Gloves from Scotland will keep your fingers warm while you brave the elements. ($71)


Stay Warm + Happy Gifting!



Oct 27 2011

Top 10 Cool and Classy Halloween Ideas – Los Angeles News

Halloween is far from hip & sophisticated. It’s cheesy, gross & a crazy excuse to decorate yourself & your house with all sorts of ridiculous once a year insanity. Why not bump it up a notch? Here’s some Chic & Cool, yet-still-fun favs for Halloween.

Watch Lindsay, editor of The Gift Insider feature these ideas on KCAL9 Los Angeles News!

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