Jun 9 2010

Check Yourself Out From The Front AND The Back

Samsung’s Camera’s are pretty genius.

It has a front and back LCD screen so when you are taking those oh-so-flattering pictures of you solo or you and a friend, you can see if you are totally off base.

Be sure to watch our segment on WGN for a demonstration with the Dualview camera and the XShot.  Self portrait perfection!

Samsung TL210 DualView 12.2 MP Digital Camera with 5X Optical Zoom and 3-Inch LCD Screen and 1.5-Inch Front Screen (Blue)


Jun 9 2010

Pop Art Toaster

How cute would it be to wake up to a heart on your toast every morning?

These Pop Art Toasters are so cleaver.  They can even personalize them for you!  Great corporate toy with your logo for the break room.

Check out the site to see all the options.  They have some funny sets too, like “Bite Me” and “I’m Hot”.

Pop Art Lusso Toaster – Chrome by POP ART


Jun 9 2010

Make a Flip Book for Your Friends

I’ve always loved making books, movies, collages etc for my group of friends for big moments in our lives like graduations.

Memolio Flip Books makes it super easy to make something for the whole crew with very little effort necessary.

You pick 24 photos and they turn it into an adorable little flip book for your.

At just under $20.00 it’s a perfect price point to give one to everyone before you head off your separate ways!

Make A Flip Book


Jun 9 2010

Cloud 9 Living – Give an Experience Gift

Especially in times like these, many people don’t always need or want the tangible gifts they used to.

That’s why I am loving these “experience gifts” from a company called Cloud9 Living.

They have 1,000’s of different types of experiences you can pick from all over the country.  You buy a gift certificate that comes in a cute gift box and the recipient can pick their memorable experience of choice!

Definitely a more memorable gift than another scented candle.

“The Gift Of Passion and Dreams”


Jun 8 2010

Jack Spade’s Man Case

I love everything Jack Spade.

His new line of covers for the Nook are the perfect combo of masculine and cool.

If you buy before July Barnes and Noble is having a promotion that if you buy a Nook you get a $50 gift certificate to start you eBook library.

 Free Shipping on Nook


Jun 8 2010

Unique Wallets for Dad

I normally stray away from recommending typical gift ideas like leather wallets, but I’m going to make an exception for these Gus Wallets. 

Gus Wallets are all designed in the US and handcrafted in Italy.  They are quality but all with a bit of unique flair too.

I love flair about as much as I love Italian food, men, and accents.  



Jun 4 2010

Kind Notes, Kind Gift

Kind Notes 

Kind Notes makes these jars of wishes for all occasions and holidays.

I specifically love them as graduation gifts for someone going off to college.   They make lots of fun styles and colors of these Wish Jars.

Have family and friends write little messages for the graduate at their graduation party, then send them off with something that will make them feel at home even when they are far away.

Tell them to open one each day so they always know how much everyone cares about them from back home.

Around $30.


Apr 16 2010

It’s You On Your Stationary! – With Love Discount Code

Poseprints creates personalized stationary, invites, recipes cards and notepads with characters designed to look just like you.

You can pick from 100’s of different looks and accessories to find the perfect replica of yourself or anyone you are buying a gift for.

I think the recipe cards are especially cute gift for Mother’s Day.

Enter code: posewithlove to recieve 20% discount on products for With Love readers.



Apr 16 2010

Dog Lovers Rejoice – Bags with Your Pups Face

FuzzyNation is a dog lovers dream come true web site.

They have lots of fun gifts and accessories for people who love their dogs.  The cutest thing about the site is that they will actually personalize purses, coin bags, necklaces and backpacks with pictures of your pup.

Check out our Mother’s Day Segment for a special photo appearance from the one and only Elizabeth Clardy.

The ladies who work at the site are wonderfully helpful as well, which is always a plus when working with personalized items!

Coupon for 15% off your order of $25 or more. Enter WITHLOVE15 at checkout.


Apr 15 2010

Design Your Own Candy Bars

Chocri is a candy company that lets you completely customize your Chocolate Bar.

You can pick up to six toppings, your fav type of chocolate and even personalize the box.

Great graduation present.  It’s always tough to find gifts for a huge group of friends, this way you can get them all Chocri bars and pick the ingredients you think they’d like best!

Inexpensive, thoughtful, customized




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