Apr 2 2013

Girlfriend Gift Ideas // What to Give When You First Start Dating

So you are in a new relationship and you want to hold onto this one.  Here are 3 key tips for girlfriend gift ideas when you first start dating.

1. Don’t set the bar too high (or scare her off) – no matter how much you really like a girl, we recommend starting off with sweet little gestures rather than anything over the top.  Play it cool here buddy, we obviously love diamonds, designer handbags and puppies, but when you first start dating, this is not the time to shower her with that level of gift. Hopefully, with the help of our advice, you will have at least a good 6 months to shower her with everything she deserves, pace yourself.

BakedByMelissa Girlfriend Gift Ideas

—> EXAMPLES:  little souvenirs from business travels, edible treats delivered from her favorite past local spots: Zingermans – Ann Arbor, Garrets Popcorn – Chicago,  Baked By Melissa Cupcakes  – New York, or something small and relevant to an inside joke

2. Flowers are a good way to start – every girl loves flowers, especially at the beginning of a relationship.  I’d start with sending to her house or apartment over the office just yet, it’s still early (but further in, office flowers are a great way to go).  Be sure to not go too romantic just yet, save the big bouquet of red roses for later on.

Gift for Girlfriend Orchid

—> EXAMPLES: Try an orchid, a modern bouquet, or a succulent. (for all of you ballers on a budget, try the $20 orchids from Trader Joes)

3. Make sure you buy something you are positive she wants for your first big purchase –  And I mean positive, AKA she has literally talked about it, ripped it out of a magazine or saved it to The Gift Insider wishlist 🙂  The last thing you want is your first big purchase to be a total bomb, especially if it’s something like jewelry or a purse that she’s supposed to wear every day.  We all respond to disliking a gift differently, some will return it, some will begrudgingly wear it, both awkward situations that you want to avoid.  After you kill it with your first big gift, then you can start to play around with picking her out what you think she might like (or using The Gift Insider’s Girlfriend Gift Ideas recommendations.)

Pinterest Girlfriend Gift Ideas

—> TIPS: Google her name + Pinterest to see her ultimate Wish List, take her to the mall and PAY ATTENTION to what she likes, talk to her friends, just make sure to be sure about this first one.

Still need help? We are starting our gift concierge service – feel free to call or email us and we can help you find that perfect gift for your lady.

Ladies, have any tips for the men?  What has scared you off, freaked you out or made your stick around?

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3 Responses to “Girlfriend Gift Ideas // What to Give When You First Start Dating”

  1. Charlie Webb says:

    Great tips, completely agree, save giving her a puppy until a touch further on in your relationship! Surely the wish list is the best place to start – get her something she really, really wants? 

  2. Sara says:

    How about a robe from Doie Lounge? Cute without being overly sexy!

  3. Hi Sara,

    Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Happy Gifting

    TGI team

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