Mar 13 2014

Gift We Love // Vintage Inspired Personalized Play Kitchens

These Vintage Inspired Play Kitchens are one of those dream come true gifts, something that’s totally their own and that let’s them be just like Mom and Dad. The company that creates adorable and way-more-unique-than-average kitchen sets,, sells a range of different vintage kitchen styles and colors and our offers the ability to personalize each kitchen with your giftee’s name.

While our Gift Insider favorite’s are the Vintage Inspired sets, scroll to the bottom to check out their Modern Option, lots of other styles on the site including a “foldable kitchen” for smaller spaces. Each set comes with a cordless phone, clickable knobs, a removable sink. It’s kind of the cutest addition to a playroom we’ve ever seen.

Price: $179.95 – $289.99

“InsiderPlatKitchen10” for $10 off

Buy At:

Personalized Vintage Kids Kitchen Set


Vintage Play Kitchen Red DibsieVintage Play Kitchens DibsieDibsie Play Kitchen Modern

This is a sponsored post written by The Gift Insider. As always, only accepts products on our site that we truly believe to be the most unique and creative gifts out there. We turn down 100’s of products and sift through the masses to bring you the coolest presents around.  We believe these play kitchens are absolutely one of them.


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