Apr 12 2012

Featured Guest Post: Gifts for Aries

When giving a gift, the first thing to consider is the recipient’s personality. What better way to do this than look at their zodiac sign?

Aries birthday falls between March 21 and April 20, and with the help of astrologer Steven Stuckey  we’ve broken down their personality and which gifts fit them best.

Aries are spontaneous, energetic and courageous. They are competitive and like to be noticed, which contributes to their “me first” attitude. They like movement and bore easily due to a short attention span, so anything action-packed appeals to them. Their element, fire, makes them energetic and in continual motion. And they are pioneers and like to be number one since they are the first sign of the zodiac year.

Fair warning Aries do not fully appreciate refinement, so spending the big bucks won’t impress. Also, they tend to like physicality more than emotions.

Here are some of the top gifts to consider for those ruled by the ram.


Author Bio: Based out of Denver, CO, Ashley McCredie is the online content coordinator for and experience gifts company, Cloud 9 Living. She is a freelance blogger and writer, a photographer and a traveler. Follow her on Twitter at: @ashleymccredie 

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