Apr 16 2010

Dog Lovers Rejoice – Bags with Your Pups Face

FuzzyNation is a dog lovers dream come true web site.

They have lots of fun gifts and accessories for people who love their dogs.  The cutest thing about the site is that they will actually personalize purses, coin bags, necklaces and backpacks with pictures of your pup.

Check out our Mother’s Day Segment for a special photo appearance from the one and only Elizabeth Clardy.

The ladies who work at the site are wonderfully helpful as well, which is always a plus when working with personalized items!

Coupon for 15% off your order of $25 or more. Enter WITHLOVE15 at checkout.

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One Response to “Dog Lovers Rejoice – Bags with Your Pups Face”

  1. Alex Clardy says:

    Elizabeth Clardy is the coolest! i can't wait!

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