Oct 20 2014

DIY Ideas: Sparkly and Edgy Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Happy Halloweeeeen! We’re so excited to share some DIY Ideas for glaming up your pumpkins this spooky season.  We took our shot at glitter pumpkins, gold spray painted pumpkins, black chalkboard spraypainted pumpkins and painted pumpkins with a few jewels tacked on.


Glitter Pumpkins


Step 1:  Use spray all over pumpkin, pour glitter all over spray glue until covered


Tip: martha stewart glitter is our favorite



Finished Product:  Last Years Halloween Party


Luxe Gold Pumpkins 

1.  Get gold spray paint and spray with two coats, make sure you get the bottom! Let dry overnight.


Finished Product:  Gold Spray Painted + Black Pumpkin with Mixed Metal Adhesives


Need more Halloween ideas?  Make sure to check out our DIY Classy Halloween Guide on KCAL Los Angeles or some DIY Gift Ideas to Help You Embrace Fall.

Tell us! How are YOU making your parties more Festive for Halloween?  Post photos or links below!



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