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Nov 20 2018

Nov 21 2015

7 Plan Ahead-Worthy Gift Ideas for The Holidays

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It’s almost December, so time to get those minds thinkin’ about your holiday shopping lists. We’ve rounded up a few gift ideas and some fab holiday deals to get you started.  As always, browse the site for 100’s of ideas, but below are a few picks we thought were worthy enough to get going on early.


1. Flowers that Last 6 Months by Blooms by Heinau ($9 – $459) These are a game changer. They are real flowers last 6 months or longer. For the holidays, we love the idea of giving them to clients, co-workers or bosses – they will last way longer than a batch of sugar cookies.


2. DIY Drink Kit from Brit + Co ($32): DIY is all the rage, but sometimes it’s hard to get all the supplies together for a night of crafting.  Enter Brit+Co — a site that is made for the modern creatives of the world.  This DIY Cocktail Party Kit comes with everything you need to make a set of personalized rock glasses and coasters for your next cocktail party, perfect gift for your next hostess.



3. Custom Luxury Candles by GetWickd ($59): This new NYC-based company repurposes your special occasion bottles of champs and turns them into a keep-forever candle that you can include your own custom message on.



4. The Bracelet That Holds Your Hair Tie ($45): This gold, silver or rose gold bracelet has been all over the blogosphere this holiday.  It’s such a simple but perfect gift for any lady in your life.  The bracelet looks chic on it’s own but also acts as a disguise for those ugly hair ties that we all need easily accessible.  You can custom engrave as well.


5. Monthly Gift Box by Peaches and Petals ($14.99/month): Monthly box of pretty and fun, hand-curated jewelry and accessories.  Totally different items come each month. Think – scarves, earrings, beauty goodies.

TGI Deal // GiftInsider for half-off 1st month

Robe-Slippers bonus 3

6. Luxor Linens Customized Robe & Slipper Set ($59.95) There’s nothing more perfect than a luxe personalized they-would-never-buy themselves holiday gift. Especially when we have 40% off a coupon code for ya! 

TGI Deal // GIFTINSIDER40 for 40% off 

We’ve teamed up with some of these cool companies to bring you exclusive discounts and awesome ideas.  We fully recommend the picks we’ve suggested!


Dec 18 2014

15 Gifts You Can Order Last Minute Gifts on Amazon Prime

We all wait last-minute, it’s okay! If you follow us, you know we are huge fans of Amazon Prime.  They have pretty much everything and you can always get it with Free 2 Day Shipping which is a wonderful, wonderful thing for all you last-minute gifters out there.

1. FitBit Activity Tracker


2. #GirlBoss Book


3. Jambox Wireless Speakers


4. Temporary Tattoos


5. Awkward Family Photos Game


6. Aromatherapy Essential Oils


7. Frends Rose Gold Headphones


8. Poloroid iPhone Photo Printer


9. Fold Up Blanket for 2


10. Gold Mophie Charging Case 


11. FitBit Tory Burch Designer Cases


12. LeSportsac Tote


13. I Would Cuddle You So Hard Tee


14. GoPro Hero Video Camera


15. Amazon Fire Streaming System




Dec 5 2014

Nov 19 2014

9 Festive Gifts Ideas to Bring All Your Holiday Hosts


Sep 24 2011

Ask For The Gift You Really Want

Weddings, birthdays, holidays – times of celebration and, even better, times of gift giving! The personalization and thought that comes with a gift is hard to beat but, let’s be honest, sometimes you might have one big-ticket item in mind that you’d prefer instead of a bunch of smaller ones from each friend.  It might seem impolite to request that your friends pool their resources, but with an alternative gift registry like Deposit a Gift, it’s easy to do!

An alternative gift registry lets you register for the money to get exactly what you want.  Perfect for weddings, birthdays, babies, graduations, and more!  You create a gift list, just like you would at a department store, but instead of being relegated to their inventory, you can register for anything: from honeymoons to home down payments, newlywed activities to charity.  Gift-givers contribute via credit card and when you’re ready, you cash-out to redeem your money via FREE direct deposit, personal check or Visa gift card to spend it how, when and where you want without being tied to a particular store. There is no shipping, no gift wrap, no need for returns.  You’re free to treat yourself to exactly what you want, and the Gift Insider has got some fantastic ideas!

For the new graduate, Heys USA has some of the sleekest luggage that’s fun and vibrant.

Del Toro makes customizable men’s shoes and slippers that will make all the birthday guy’s friends jealous.

Del Toro Shoes Customized Shoes

Towels and blenders can be dull gifts, but this decanter from Reidel is sure to excite newlyweds.

Reidel Heart Wine Decanter

Looking for more inspiration? Click here to see what others are doing to get exactly what they need, not ‘stuff’ they don’t. Have fun and happy registering!

About our Guest Blogger 

Dana Ostomel is the founder and Chief Gifting Officer of the cash wedding registry site: Deposit a Gift. She works closely with her users to ensure they are able to craft the perfect gift list for them. Years before Dana got married, she wondered how anyone could store so many presents—and even if they could, how they had the time to unwrap, return (often), track and use them all. Her marketing background led her to believe she could simplify the registry process—and not just for weddings, but for any big gifting event. And so Deposit a Gift, the next generation gift registry, was born. For more creative registry ideas, keep up with Deposit a Gift on Facebook, Twitter and their blog.


Feb 7 2011

Alexx’s Valentine’s Day Link Round-Up

Everybody loves love! With Valentine’s Day! quickly approaching, here are some of the best articles I’ve ran in to this week..

If you’re staying in this Valentine’s Day , here’s a easy to make dessert : Baker’s Royale

Interesting facts about guys + flowers: Centre Daily

Get creative this Valentine’s Day! Here are some great Do-It-Yourself craft ideas : Thread Banger

Single? Top ten most romantic movies to watch this Valentine’s Day : A Peek At Karen’s World

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive, here are some cost-friendly great ways to celebrate:


Feb 1 2011

Best Sites for Deals – Link Round Up

If you are like me the one thing you like more than shopping is deals. Here are some the best shopping and deal sites around.

1. For a free, online personal shopper check out Shop it to Me. You tell them what you like and they search for the best prices.

2. For the best prices on trendy, online fashion go to Free shipping with no minimum spending necessary.

3. is exactly what is sounds like but with way more then just dresses!

4. ShopBop is a more high-end option. It offers brand name apparel like the looks you might see in fashion magazines. Free worldwide delivery.

5. One of the best-kept online shopping secrets comes from one of my favorite stores, JCrew. They open their discounted outlet store online on the weekends for some great deals.


Jan 24 2011

Our First Ever (and soon-to-be weekly) Link Round Up

We all have those weeks, so we feel your pain. The Gift Insider has come up with some tips on how to get you through the week that never ends..

The first step in being fabulous is feeling fabulous! Here’s what I’ve found will help you do so:

1. Grab an apple and read this article: What it means to eat healthy

2. Reading isn’t enough though! Change your diet this week: Healthiest Food

3. De-stress: Core Power

4. Get pretty: Best Skin Care

5. Get smart: 30 Things to Know Before You’re 30

Now, take thirty minutes of “you time” on this site, you’ll thank me later: My 50

Happy Tuesday!




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