Nov 10 2015

10 Romantic Ideas to Do for Your Significant Other

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1. Record a sentimental video on your iPhone
2. Rent his favorite sports car for the night
3. Take Her Ice Skating
4. Make a Buzz Feed with all the Reasons You Love Them
5. Make a Cuddle Kit for 2 (Wine, Chocolates, DVDs in a basket)
6. Make a Custom Crossword Puzzle 
7. Send them a funny dancing JibJab Card using your photos (Let’s get physical is our favorite)
8. Compile a playlist and some favorite photos and save to a USB
9. Send them on a Scavenger Hunt
10. Gift a Hulu or Netflix Subscription – and commit to watching an entire season of their show of choice

One Response to “10 Romantic Ideas to Do for Your Significant Other”

  1. Anna says:

    This is a really sweet list of ideas of things you could do for your partner to show that you care. I think that it’s so much more important to spend time making a gift personal than spending loads of money on the gift. You could try making some personalised gifts like little boxes or photo frames.

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