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July 30, 2013 02:01 PM
Hi Dani,I\'ve discovered you as well as your wesbtie about a month ago and I totally love a lot of your business material. I started listening to your show and actually have booked my calendar to make sure I don\'t miss. However, I am now listening to this 07/12/2010 show and quite frankly I am dissapointed.I do agree with most of your points except for the one that WOMAN can not and should not be in government I am saddened by the reasoning behind that. Those are the same reasonings that were used to keep women as well as people of various ethnic groups oppressed. Are you aware Society used those same reasonings to keep Women out of every aspects of society? Some people might say the same about women business owners, do you think that is a fair assessment? Also, you are doing the same as so called the power that be We are all manipulated to some degrees. Pretty much any form of advetising is soem type of manipulation. Your teachings on prospecting(which I loved) etc is a sort of manipulation. Think about it?Yes, people should not vote for someone just because of their gender nor the color of their skin. I or maybe you may not be into that line of work but you should not make those type of generalization. I think women are just as qualified as men to be in government, or any of positions in society. Gender, Skin Color, Ethnicity etc should not determine someone\'s qualifications. You sure are making a lot of generalizations.Also, this show seems to contradict some of your teachings on the NC/6 Figure in 6 months Audios. It really saddened me.You have some good points but I think your rant about women not being qualified to be in government etc is overshadowing your message. Man are wired to be protective as well. [url=]uxphxzf[/url] [link=]cnohmy[/link]
July 30, 2013 09:58 AM
Thanks for helping me to see things in a dinfereft light.
July 29, 2013 10:36 PM
Usually there are some exciting ptions in time within this document but I never know if I see all of them center to heart. There exists some validity but I\'ll just take maintain belief until eventually I glimpse into it further more. Beneficial page , many thanks and we would like alot more! Added to FeedBurner likewise [url=]zdmudoaufi[/url] [link=]ilgcsc[/link]
July 27, 2013 10:37 PM
If you\'re a an entrepreneur that rlealurgy follows Guy Kawasaki or Perry Marshall\'s missives on Google search and email marketing, you\'ll want to read this book ASAP. Turner and Shah place social media strategies and platforms in context so that you avoid those spinach caught in your teeth kinds of mistakes non-net-natives (like me) tend to make. They also offer plenty of practical tips for fine-tuning efforts on the major platforms, tracking online conversations and dissecting what the competition is doing. It\'s one of those books you\'ll refer to over and over again. Especially Chapter 11, How to Use Promoting Platforms to Help you Grow Your Sales and Revenues . That said, the book is peppered with valuable case studies featuring many impressive Fortune 500 companies. I would have liked more case studies featuring start-ups and smaller companies like ours those that have to keep a remorseless eye on the time and effort involved with all social media efforts