Tips for In-Store Shopping This Season

1. Do it Solo- Research shows that when shopping with a spouse or children, you are more likely to spend more time and money.  Focus on the task at hand and head to shops at off-hours or on weekdays.

2. Support Local Businesses- Support your neighborhood brick-and-mortars this season by doing your in-store shopping on Small Business Saturday, November 24th.

3. Browse Before You Go- Use the Catalogue App to check out all the latest catalogues from 100's of national chains. Take note of what you need from each retailer so you can stay focused and save time.

4. Black Friday- Caution, this is a very stressful day to shop, if you can handle it, go for it. If not, spend the day organizing your online plan of attack for Cyber Monday.


Ways To Get Organized This Season

· Get Organized … On Your Wall- Lay out all important dates directly where you can see them with a stick-on chalkboard wall calendar. Note key shipping deadlines, deal days and holiday events. We love LookSugar at TGI

· Put 3 In-Store Shopping Days on The Calendar- Go alone; take your gift notebook, app, or bookmarked Google document. Schedule both before the 2nd week of December.

· Schedule 2 Online Shopping Days - Actually put these on your calendar and stick to them. Day number one should be Cyber Monday, November 25th, the biggest online deal day of the year.

· Set-Up A Gift Closet, Room or Corner– Create a gift wrapping station, hang a calendar, collect any spare gifts from previous years and arrange a secret area to hide new gifts from nosy kids or spouses.


4 Easy Ways to Give Gifts That Make an Impact

1. Make it Personal - So many gifts you order online can be engraved, embroidered and customized for a few extra bucks. It shows you put some thought and effort into finding a gift just for that person. Order early.

2. Consider Handmade - is our go-to for handmade gift ideas. It's brimming with meaningful and affordable finds that are sure to be as unique as the artists who make them. Festivals and fairs are another great place to find one-of-a-kind items.

3. Go for a Memorable Experience Gift Many companies now offer gift certificates where recipients can pick from hundreds of unique experiences like driving a race car or being a fighter pilot for the day. It's a perfect way to give them something they've always dreamed of.

4. Don't forget the WOW factor Try to add special touches to every gift you give this year. Combine a few similar and smaller items into a pretty gift set, add in some easy photo gifts from Walgreens, or wrap the gift using a favorite flower instead of a bow.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Thing

Listen closely to the people in your life. Many people unintentionally mention things they really want or need or some may drop subtle hints at what they are really hoping for.

Don't give something you know YOU would like, give something you know THEY would like.

Think about their hobbies. There are hundreds of gifts out there associated with even the most obscure hobbies and tastes. If you find a few smaller items, put them together in a themed gift set - everyone likes to get lots of presents.

A gift is something that is supposed to make someone feel appreciated and loved. Put extra thought into it and don't take the easy way out.

Take note of their gift giving style. Do they always write thoughtful cards, or are they the ones spending weeks putting a scrapbook together? Do they always plan special surprises for you? They would probably appreciate similar sentiments as they are giving.

What Women Want

Guy struggling to find a gift for your girlfriend? Check out our What Women Want Section or ask their girlfriends or mothers, but please, please don't guess.

What do you do if you have been dating a girl for only a few months and want to do or give her something that shows care without overdoing it? Pamper her with certificate to a mani/pedi, bring over her fav wine, fav candy and fav DVD, take her out and surprise her with dinner at a place she's been dying to go to or take her to a comedy show.

What do you do if you start casually dating a girl right before Valentine's Day, her birthday or Christmas/Hanukkah? Do something thoughtful but small - a card, a little stuff animal, some flowers (too soon for roses - try gerber daisies), make her a dinner - don't overdo it here, she won't be expecting much but she will definitely be expecting something.

More tips and etiquette on our blog!