Dec 30 2009

With Love’s “Forwardable” Holiday Wish List

The idea behind this wish list is to make it super easy for you to really “Get What You Want This Year.” 

You just download the pdf, check off things you think are cool and forward it along to your parents, grandparents, boyfriend, girlfriend etc.  

It totally eliminates the need to email a ton of links from a bunch of different sites, tear out pages from magazines or drop oh-subtle-hints all the time.  HAPPY SHOPPING!
With Love Wish List Final Distributed


One Response to “With Love’s “Forwardable” Holiday Wish List”

  1. Anonymous says:

    good idea with the wish list! on a side note discovered this year a great site for secret santa exchanges. it's free to sign up, draws names randomly (and you can specify if you don't want to get someone), can create wishlists with products, open forum for questions, and you can ask your recipient questions anonymously. smart, useful. happy holidays!

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