Dec 16 2014

White Elephant Gifts You’ll Want To Keep


There’s no doubt that White Elephant Parties are always a blast but don’t the gifts always seem.. kind of pointless? We suggest that you and your friends vamp it up this year. We’ve come up with a list of potential gifts that stick with the traditional theme of white elephant parties, but have a little more staying power! And the best part? They are all $25 or less! Get to gifting!


Mixology Dice

Mixology Dice

What will you drink post White Elephant party? Let the dice decide! Roll the dice to reveal the recipes for yummy drinks! // $25


Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity is our go to game when we just want to hang with friends!! //$25


Jello Shots Syringes


Make jello shots even more fun! These syringe shots are sure to add flair to any upcoming party! //$19


Self Stirring Mug

self stirring mug

You may laugh, but this is the ultimate gift for the lazy girl in the morning! It even comes with a lid! We definitely want it.. //$20


Ain’t No Wifey Beanie

Wifey Hat


Perfect for the girl with LOTS of sass. We think this is fab! Who could be disappointed leaving a White Elephant with this in tow? //$25


Chrome Gun Coffee Mug

Chrome Gun Coffee

This screams “Don’t talk to me, it’s WAY too early”. So edgy, so fierce. //$12


Face Bank

Face Bank

A piggy bank that literally eats your money! The mouth even moves when your hand gets close to it! //$14.95


Every single item can be purchased through TGI right now! What’s your go to White Elephant gift? Tell us about it in the comments!



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