Dec 14 2010

What College Students Want:

1. The fraternity boys will get a kick out of this door mat. $23.94 BUY HERE: Amazon

2. This will get them to study! It’s a 20lb. prison-style ball and chain that you can program (up to four hours) to help them keep track of how long they’ve been studying. You can’t take it off until the time is up. College students get a kick out of it. $118.78. BUY HERE: Telegraph

3. The collapsible pint glass is a favorite amongst college students and an instant hit at parties! I mean, how could it not be? Picture a college student with access to a keg and no cup!  Only $9.52 BUY HERE: Amazon

4. The hot diggity dogger is perfect for college students, I know from experience! It plugs right in the wall and makes a delicious dog & bun in moments. $49.95 BUY HERE: Hot Diggity Dog

5. Not your typical lap top case. Retro meets modern with these awesome cases perfect for college students on the go. Starting at $50.00. BUY HERE: Uncommon Goods


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