Sep 25 2010

WGN Chicago – Best Chicago Gifts Segment

The Gift Insider has a WGN Chicago Segment coming up on September 23rd.

We are still looking for some last items to feature on our segment.

The theme will be all about Chi Town – best Chicago boutiques, best Chicago made products, best Chicago themed products.

We are especially looking for indie designers, local artists and smaller local companies to feature.

Email if you or your client has a product that you think would be a good fit!

3 Responses to “WGN Chicago – Best Chicago Gifts Segment”

  1. Margie says:

    wow, i keep seeing you on tv everywhere. Love that you're promoting Chi-town businesses. Cool gift suggestions.

  2. Emily-a chicago local says:

    You were great, just happened to see you on tv. I loved that picture frame too that you were about to talk about & she cut you off. Is that the one from FIVE ACCESSORIES? It looked like metro tickets…

  3. Yup – it's from – $15 and 15% of the proceeds go towards Streetwise (who helps make the frames). I wish I had a chance to mention it!

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