Feb 15 2016

Welcome to The Team Sydney!

We are super excited to welcome our new intern, Sydney. She’s a student at UW-Madison (go Badgers!) and we are so excited to have her helping us out with The Gift Insider. We asked her about her favorite gifts she’s ever given or received. Welcome to the team, Sydney!


What The Best Present I’ve Ever Received?
I am the type of person that believes heavily in horoscopes and astrological signs and messages. A couple of years ago, my mom gave me a huge Astrology Birthday Book that gives each day of the year a full synopsis of the type of person who was born on that day (it also tells you a little bit about what to expect for the future). I am still absolutely obsessed with it and keep it sitting right on my desk.


What’s The Best Present I’ve Ever Given?

My best friend has an affinity for anything with an evil eye on it (mainly because they look nice, but also because of their supposed ability to ward off bad energy and spirits). When we graduated high school, I bought her a dainty bracelet with an evil eye on it and she still has not taken it off to this day. It is the best feeling in the world when you give someone a gift that genuinely brings a smile to their face!
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5 Responses to “Welcome to The Team Sydney!”

  1. Kim says:

    I got my mom and aunt a custom canvas print of their pets and they really loved it! I photo shopped the image so it was just the dog and kept the background white.


  2. Kim,

    Sounds like a really great gift! Super creative and original. We know so many dog-lovers that would adore that. Thanks for sharing!

    The TGI Team

  3. I really agree – a thoughtful gift that goes with what the recipient likes always makes a great impact.

  4. We can all agree that the best part of giving gifts is making someone smile! Even the smallest of gifts can make a huge difference if its personal!

  5. khaqan says:

    I hope your kids are feeling better! Those biscotti are adorable and I want to go back to my 9th birthday party and serve them. Knowing that can never happen, I will probably just serve them this year – thanks for the posts!! please visit http://www.sendgiftstopakistanfromusablog.wordpress.com

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