Jul 27 2016

Wedding Series: How to Do The Mix and Match Bridesmaids Look

First let me start by warning all you sweet and thoughtful brides that this is not the easy route! You’re bridesmaids will love you, but for the bride it definitely adds some additional issues to think about. I went this route because I wanted my ‘maids to choose a style they were comfortable in, a price point that worked for them and I loved the idea of having a perfectly mismatched look that showed off each of my very different bridesmaids’ personalities. I absolutely loved how to it turned out, but like I said, not a total cinch. I’ll walk you through some tips on how to achieve the look with as little stress as possible along.

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#1: Tell Them and Show Them Exactly The Look You Are Going For

I made an inspiration board for my girls to show the general look I was hoping to achieve. I also gave them general guidelines, “Dresses should be: Long, tasteful and blush (very light pink), the more different textures the better (beaded, lace, etc). You can borrow, rent or buy off the rack, doesn’t have to be a bridesmaid dress line” I also gave them links to dresses in a range of price points that I thought could work. Everyone and every dress designer has different version of what neutrals like champagne, blush or taupe looks like, so pictures or swatches are key.


#2: It’s All About the Texture

 If you’ve seen this look done more than a few times these past few wedding seasons, you probably know it can easily go wrong. In my opinion, no matter what the color palate is, the key is to make sure you have dresses with different textures, some beaded, some lace, some chiffon (but definitely not all chiffon). If you are doing different brands and different shades of a similar color, texture is key.


#3: Get Final Bride Approval & Be Honest

 You are most likely doing this because you are trying to be a considerate bride, so don’t feel bad asking to see the dresses before they purchase them and be honest when they show you. If you don’t like the style, it’s too revealing, too similar to your dress, too similar to some of the others girls’  dresses — just ask them for a few more options. They will totally understand and in the end you’ll be happier than if you kept your mouth shut and hated all those pricey photos.

Few more shots of how ours turned out:

174R copy


BridesmaidsTalking_ copy

Final Tip: A Way to Make it More Foolproof

While I loved how mine turned out, it wasn’t a cinch. If you are nervous about it, try choosing different shades or colors from the same bridesmaid dress line, that way you can see how all of the colors look together but your ‘maids can still choose what style looks best on them. Though pricey, our favorite for this look is the Amsale line.

We’d love to see photos and hear tips on how you pulled off a similar look at your wedding. Tell us in the comments below!

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