Jul 5 2012

Top 5 Engagement Gift Ideas: Do You Need to Give One?

You only need to give a gift if…

A. There’s a party. Unless it was otherwise specified on the invitation, or it is an informal get-together that is not being hosted, you should bring an engagement gift.

B. You are very close to the couple.  If so, give something sweet, sentimental and thoughtful right after they get engaged.Price Suggestions: $10- $60.

Here’s our Top 5 Engagement Gift Ideas:

1. Perfect Picnic

This shippable Perfect Picnic basket from NYC is perfect to send to someone engaged in the summer. It comes stuffed full of handpicked, handmade delectable items. Pretend you’re on the Amalfi Coast of Italy & cherish this special picnic experience, the work is already done for you. There is a Gift Insider special deal –  $88

Perfect Picnic Basket

2. Bridal Magazines

Bring a bag of Bridal Magazines to the engagement party. Have issues sent to her home each month after the party. Make sure to send the local editions for the city her wedding will be held in.

Engagement Gift Ideas: Bridal Magazines


3. Custom Ring Dish

This is a handmade & personalized option for the bride who likes things made just for her.  Perfect to hang on the wall or use to hang on the bedside table

4. Custom Etched Bottle of Wine

Forget the borring bottle of champagne and do something meaningful that they can cherish AND drink. Get a custom bottle of wine or etched champagne bottle made with their photo or their name. Use code EE20PERCENTOFF for 20% OFF.

Custom Personalizied Etched Wine


4. Wishing Tree

I love this idea to bring to a party or coordinate with a few good friends and send the couple off with a tree full of happy wishes. Put your wishes on the tree and then the couple can read it later in the night!


For those of you who know the ropes – we wanna hear about it! What was your favorite engagement gift idea?! Comment below!

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4 Responses to “Top 5 Engagement Gift Ideas: Do You Need to Give One?”

  1. Elle says:

    Love the idea of an etched bottle of wine or champagne.  It adds a little something to the token or momento.  Thanks for sharing.

  2. Crazy ideas I must admit 🙂 I’m wondering if anybody already tried them?

  3. What great gift ideas!  I especially love the wishing tree and the perfect picnic.  These would really stand out from the other gifts they receive, and would show that you put some thought and care into choosing a gift.
    Thanks for the ideas!

  4. That’s really an impressive idea. A wishing tree is to give as a present is the best way to express your love and closeness towards the person. It also makes them feel how much special they are for you.

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