Sep 18 2014

The Best Birthday DIY Gift Ideas We Found on Pinterest

Finding a creative Birthday gift can be hard! We understand how much pressure there can be to give a friend or loved one the perfect gift on their special day. But fret no more! The Gift Insider scoured Pinterest to find some of the best Birthday DIY’s out there! We promise your gift will be one of the most memorable.

Birthday Cake in a Jar 

Birthday Cake in a Jar

YUM! Perfect for the birthday girl with the ultimate sweet tooth! Plus, the mason jar is SO cute! //


Balloon Box Surprise

balloon box

Give a friend a box full of happy on their special day. Can you imagine opening a box like this at work?! //


Birthday Photo Collage Decor

photo age

Create a collage of photos of the guest of honor in the shape of the year they’re are turning. Such a perfect party decoration! //


A Beer a Year


What’s better than 1 beer? 30 of course! Attach little love notes to each beer to show your guy how much you really care. Cue the warm and fuzzies! //


Balloon Avalanche 
balloon avalanche

Begin a birthday the right way, shower the birthday boy/girl in balloons! //


A Gift A Year Celebration 


Give a small gift commemorating each year of someone’s life! Perfect for one of those bigger birthdays.. //




Who says we’re too old for pinatas? Follow this tutorial on how to make them yourself and choose your own favors! //


What is the most unique birthday gift you’ve ever received? Tell us it in the comments!!


2 Responses to “The Best Birthday DIY Gift Ideas We Found on Pinterest”

  1. One of the most unique gifts I ever received was a little keepsake entitled “5 Things I Love About You.” Each of the pages of the little book had a reason listed and a small gift that represented the sentiment. For instance, my friend admired my ability to “file” away all sorts of details and that page included a nail file. So creative and so special!

  2. Lisa, this is such a creative gift! We love the sentimental touch! We’ll definitely have to file this one away for gift ideas for Valentines Day or even Anniversaries!

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