Aug 13 2014

Gift Guide // Gifts Ideas For Summer Celebrations (Seen on NY1 New York)


1. Couch Guest Book   // $15  2. DIY Gruet Rose Bubbly + Heart Sparkler  // $17 for bottle  3. Mermaid Tails  // 10% off with code 4. Custom Photo Beach Towels  // Starting at $39 (originally $69)  5. Custom Leather Luggage Tags  // $81 for a pair

Check out our Gift Guide Live on NY1 New York News from 8/16/2014


Jun 4 2014

VANGO // A Virtual Art Curator for Affordable + Unique Art


It’s daunting and intimidating finding those first few special pieces of art for your real, adult home. Terrified at the thought (and price) of even walking into a shmancy gallery? But too old for your ratty framed concert posters?  Enter a new app we’re loving, VANGO.  Perfect for a unique Wedding gift idea or an alternative Graduation Gift.

The VANGO app let’s you take a picture of your empty space, gives you recommendations based on the colors of your room and can even recommend local artists based on where you are. It then lets you virtually see what different pieces look like “hanging” on your wall.  It’s  filled with one-of-kind work  by up and coming artists – so totally original pieces that will have your place pulled together in no time (and not a ton of $$.)

Prices start at $100 Enter code “BEOriginal” for 10% off.


May 27 2014

6 Thoughtful Wedding & Bridal Shower Gift Ideas


1. Monogrammed Gifts by JC Jewelry Design


2. VANGO – Virtual Art Curator


3. Customized Hankies by Cre8tive Emrbroidery

monogrammed hankercheif

4. Wedit


5. Bridal Illustrations by Brooke Hagel

Custom Bridal Sketh

6. Hand Stamped Vintage Cake Forks by Dazzling Dezignz

mr and mrs wedding forks

Be sure to check out the clip of us highlighting these items on Fox Detroit on June 3rd! 


Apr 9 2014

Free Bridal Shower Printable – Eat, Drink and Be Married

Need a thoughtful and/or last-minute bridal shower gift idea?  Have three bottles of wine? Download our free Eat, Drink and Be Married Printable wine labels, print on sticky paper and wrap around any bottle of wine for a sweet DIY bridal shower gift.  Don’t have sticky paper?  Try regular paper with spray glue.













In need of a sweet DIY Engagement Gift? Check out our DIY Engagement File.


Mar 3 2014

Insider Tips // Engagement Gift Giving Etiqutte

Engagement Gift Etiquette

Between the holidays and Valentine’s Day it seems like everyone on your newsfeed just got engagement. Engagement gift etiquette is a well-debated subject.  Do you even need to give gift? If so, when? How much should you spend? And of course, what exactly should you give?

Q. When Should I Give an Engagement Gift?

– If you are invited and attend an engagement party
– If you are very close to the couple (in the wedding party or close family)
– If they have given you an engagement gift in the past

Q. How much should I spend? 

A. Engagement gifts are not where you should spend the big bucks.  This is typically a smaller & celebratory gift, under $50 is completely fine.  Bridal showers, Bachelorette parties and the actual Wedding Gifts are the ones to splurge on.

Q. What Should I Give? 


—> Engagement Ring MugsBling Wipes, Mr and Mrs Signs, their first Monogrammed Gift



—>A bridal Magazine Subscription, J Crew’s New Wedding  Planning Binders, a DIY Engagement Gift Kit, a Wood Journal 



—-> a custom stamp set with their new last name, a His and Hers Water bottles,   Happily Ever After Spoons and a custom throw 


Q. When is it not required to give an Engagement Gift? 

– If there are no hosted engagement events you are attending
– If they note no gifts on the invitation to an event (obvious, we know)
– If you can’t attend


Aug 7 2013

Gifting Advice // Wedding Gift Etiquette Questions Answered

Wedding Gift Etiquette Questions

Q. Can you really send a gift up to a year later?

A. This is one of those completely old school rules that we think is totally ridiculous.  If you are a question mark on their gift list for an entire year it just comes across as rude.  Try to send something within a month or so after the wedding.

Q. What’s the difference between a shower gift and a wedding gift?

A. Shower gifts are when we really recommend stepping it up with something personalized and unique.  Typically the bride opens all her gifts in front of the guests, so it’s a fun time to give something people will ooh and ahh over. This can be a less expensive gift than the wedding gift.  Check out Creative Shower Gifts here.

Q. Should I bring the gift to the wedding or send it?

A. If it’s a destination wedding or a wedding where the couple lives in another state, we definitely recommend sending it before or after. If you bring it to the wedding, make sure to hand it to the parents or the wedding planner, not the actual bride and groom.

Q. How much should I give?

A. It depends on your relationship to the couple, cultural norms and your financial ability.  But we get asked this all the time, and to not beat around the bush, we typically recommend $50 – $75 per person invited. So if you are invited with a date, $150 – $200 is a nice amount.  And whoever is invited, pays for both.  If you are strapped for cash, give a creative or a personalized gift, if it’s something special the dollar amount won’t be what matters.

Q. Is it okay to go off the registry?

A. Yes!  If you are close to the couple and they are the type to appreciate something personal or sentimental.  Some creative ideas are a fashion sketch of the bride, personalized mugs or prints with their wedding song lyrics or give an activity gift that the couple can do together, cooking classes, wine tasting, etc.

Any questions you all have?  Ask away… 

photo credit: Jeffrey Simms Photography via photopin cc


May 20 2013

Apr 23 2013

PRESS // Sentimental and Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas on Fox Chicago

We shared some gift-giving expert advice with Chicago this morning, highlighting our top 7 unique wedding gift ideas on Fox’s Good Day Chicago.

We’re all about helping you find thoughtful, creative and sentimental wedding gift ideas.  Go the more special route and stay off their registry.

15-35% off discount codes for all products linked in our Gift Guide. 


Apr 19 2013

Bridal Shower Gift Idea // Custom Tote Bags

The Charm Studio's Custom Tote Bag

The Charm Studio


Today our expert gift-giving advice comes from Catherine Fitzpatrick of The Charm Studio. She’s privy to wedding trends and has a good idea for those of you who want to go off the registry a bit. 

A great way add a personal touch to a bridal shower gift that is straight off the registry is to include a Charm Studio custom tote bag with the couple’s monogram and date in their wedding colors. It is the perfect gift for brides to organize their notes, color swatches and more for all of their wedding planning appointments. The tote is also a cute way to gift wrap your registry gift for the bridal shower — just add a bow and tissue paper!

Contact designer Catherine Fitzpatrick at The Charm Studio to create the custom design for your tote bag: (Custom Tote Bags are $50)

The Charm Studio offers custom design for weddings and events. Specializing in charming invitations, paper goods and over-all event branding. Check out their Look Books for weddings and events.

Catherine Fitzpatrick, The Charm StudioCatherine Fitzpatrick is the owner, designer and illustrator behind The Charm Studio. A custom design studio that creates unique pieces for weddings, events and so much more. Before starting her own business, Catherine worked as a designer for a major publishing company and a large advertising agency in Chicago. 


Apr 17 2013

Cash Gifts on a Wedding Registry? The Growing Trend of Asking For What You ACTUALLY Want!

Unique Registries

Guest Post By Nancy Lee, President of

So… you’ve lived with your boyfriend for more years than you can count. Naturally, you’ve accumulated “stuff”, lots of “stuff” for your home, for your pets, and for everything else that you do together. But now, with a wedding on the way and everyone asking you about your registry, you find yourself in a dilemma because you really do not want any more “stuff”. This is not to say that there aren’t plenty of things that you would like to have, they just aren’t the typical items found at a department store and easily placed on a gift registry. Or are they?

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