Aug 22 2012

Featured Guest Post: Gifts for Virgos

Virgo – Aug. 23 – Sept. 23

According to astrologer Steven Stuckey, most Virgos are like an encyclopedia—they love history, statistics, current events and literature. But beyond these book smart ways, Virgos also relate to their earth sign.

They don’t like changeability and they like to see things through completion, which leads them to be extremely detail-oriented and orderly. They like things clean and tend to eat organic and love the order and correctness of computers.

Virgo, ruled by Mercury, also enjoys enlightening conversation, making an evening full of good convo one of their favorite things.

Fair warning, they are hard to please so a more generic gift or gift card might be the way to go.

Some of our top gifts for Virgo include:

–          A dictionary necklace goes perfectly with Virgo’s love of literature.

–          A Grid-It Organizer is just what Virgo needs to keep things orderly and make sure projects                     come to completion. Who knows, maybe it will help them take over the world someday!

–          The fruit of the month club will help with Virgo’s healthy diet.

–          A spa package gift is perfect for Virgo who likes to stay clean, orderly and healthy.

–          A dinner party with a personal chef will feed Virgo’s craving for good conversation over a nice             meal. Perfection!


Author Bio: Based out of Denver, CO, Ashley McCredie is the online content coordinator for Cloud 9 Living, an experience gifts company specializing in experience and adventure gifts including unique Christmas gifts. She is a freelance blogger and writer, a photographer and a traveler. Follow her on Twitter at: @ashleymccredie




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