May 30 2016

Our Housewarming Party: DIY Watermelon Kegs, String Lights and a Painted Giant Jenga

We had a blast this past weekend hosting a big Housewarming BBQ at our new home. We wanted to add some fun and whimsical DIY elements to the party and thought we’d share how we did them with all of you! To spice up the bar we made a DIY Watermelon Keg, we brightly painted a Giant Jenga and kept the party going late-night with some outdoor string lights. We had a boho outdoor pillow seating concept planned, but unfortunately a last-minute rainstorm hindered that one a bit. So we’ll save that for next time! Now on to our tips and tricks for adding these elements to your party.

How to Make a Watermelon Keg

Step 1: Cut the Top Off

Making a Watermelon Keg

Step 2: Scoop it out

Making a Watermelon Keg

Step 3: Get your Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit ($23) ready!

Making a Watermelon Keg

Step 4: Use included cutter to punch hole in lower part of watermelon and insert tap

Making a Watermelon Keg

Step 5: Fill with drink of choice and enjoy! We chose Margaritas to make it extra fun.

How to Set Up DIY Party Lights


Quickrete concrete

– Wood poles 8 ft or taller

– Big planters or buckets

Hooks Eyes

3-4 Sets of Outdoor String lights 

Step 1: Put concrete in buckets with wood poles

How to Put Up Party Lights

Step 2: Add water, make sure poles stay straight and let dry over night

how to hang string lights

Step 3: Attach hooks to poles and wherever else you are hooking string lights (we did poles on one side, attached to our garage on the other and zig zaged them.)

how to hang string lights

Step 4: Hook lights aroung hooks, attach to eachother and plug into electrical

how to hang string lights

Step 5: Wait for the sun to set and enjoy! (We highly recommend a hammock as well!)

how to hang string lights

How to add some DIY flare to a Giant Jenga

Step 1: Paint around 1/3 of the pieces of your Giant Jenga ($99) bright and happy colors! We chose to match the colors of our party: teal, purple and green

DIY Party Jenga

Step 2: Let dry overnight

DIY Party Jenga

Step 3: Let the games begin!

DIY Party Jenga

We’d love to hear ways you guys have added fun flare to your summer parties in the comments below!


Aug 13 2014

Gift Guide // Gifts Ideas For Summer Celebrations (Seen on NY1 New York)


1. Couch Guest Book   // $15  2. DIY Gruet Rose Bubbly + Heart Sparkler  // $17 for bottle  3. Mermaid Tails  // 10% off with code 4. Custom Photo Beach Towels  // Starting at $39 (originally $69)  5. Custom Leather Luggage Tags  // $81 for a pair

Check out our Gift Guide Live on NY1 New York News from 8/16/2014


Oct 11 2010

Automobrella – The Perfect Tailgating Solution

This Automobrella is the perfect invention for making it comfortable to tailgate on sunny or rainy days. 

It’s essentially a huge  umbrella that hooks up to the back of your truck so you can get shade all day or afternoon. 

It’s easy to set up, quality material and  pivots so it protects you no matter where you are.

Price ranges for $99 – $299


Oct 10 2010

Coolest Boat Toys Ever

These water toys really make lake livin’ all the more perfect.

The Fiesta Island fits 8 and has a mesh bottom so you can either sit comfortably in the water and use the tube as a back rest or sit on the tube itself.

The inflatable cooler is awesome too.

There’s no better party than a party on the lake…


Sep 10 2010

Solar Powered Sound System Sweepstakes

The Gift Insider is giving away one of the coolest new gadgets out there – A SOLAR POWERED SOUND SYSTEM FOR IPOD AND IPHONES – THE ETON SOULRA ($200 Value).

It’s solar panel let’s you play your music without plugging it in for up to 7 hours. It’s made of rubber and aluminum so it’s super durable and splash proof – perfect for partying and entertaining outdoors.
A huge thank you to Eton for providing this innovative and green product.

Ways to Enter:
You can do just one or all of the below – each can be done once daily
2. Follow me and Tweet about the contest – include @thegiftinsider and #contests (1 Entry)
5. Post a link to this site or contest on your site or blog (3 Entries!)
Sweeps will go from Friday September 9th, 2010 11:00 AM EST until November 30th 2010 11:00 AM EST.
We will pick one winner at random within 72 hours of the close date and contact you via email
Winner will a Eton Soulra – $200.00 Value
By Entering the Sweepstakes you are also signing up to receive The Gift Insider


Sep 10 2010

Etch-It Party Cups

A pretty brilliant idea…

Plastic cups with a label that you can use your finger to etch in your name.

Totally eliminates everyone at the party loosing their drinks every 15 minutes.

$8.00 for a pack of 32




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