Jul 1 2010

RoastE Coffee Tours

Coffee of the month clubs are a great gift idea for weddings, hostess gifts, thank you gifts, graduation gifts … pretty much any occasion!

There are tons of different companies out there but I really love this particular company called RoastE.

RoastE has different coffee “tours,”.  So if you like African coffees you can pick the African Tour, or espresso tour, or organic tour.

Then what’s even smarter is that they let you order your coffee like you do your Netflix, order the next batch whenever you are ready, just like a queue.


Jul 1 2010

Photo Greeting Cards

Cardstore.com makes it super easy (and cheap) to personalize greeting cards with your own photos.

You can even put them on the inside of the card.  Lots of fun designs to choose from.



Jul 1 2010

Celebrate Life’s Milestones With Your China

Hulls Happiest Days Designs is a husband and wife team who make personalized porcelain china for all of life’s happiest moments.

For wedding gifts, I love their Heart collection which has  bride and grooms names inside a heart with an arrow.

Hulls Happiest Days


Jun 30 2010

Reidel Romance Heart Decanter

Reidel has some of the best wine glasses around.  If you’ve watched any of my shopping segments I’m sure you’ve seen their stemless wine glasses all over the place!

This new romance decanter is a perfect luxury wedding gift to give someone really special.

A little out of your budget?  Split with a group.  Add in a bottle of red wine and it’s a perfect romantic gift.



Jun 30 2010

Sometimes All You Need Is A Little Luxury

Egyptian Cotton sheets are wonderful enough as is.

Then add on an embroidered monogram and you will win over just about anyone.

Luxor Linens is full of luxury items like theses sheets, and robes and towels etc.

Great wedding or housewarming gift to go in on with a bunch of people!


Jun 30 2010

Chocomize – Make Your Own Candy Bars

Customize your own chocolate with Chocomize.

I love the idea for weddings.  Two great wedding options, use them as favors for your guests, Chocomize will customize the bars with dates/photos/names.

Another great options is to give them to the wedding party.  Show them how well you know them and hand design a chocolate bar with all their favorite goodies.

Each bar around $7.00

Enter coupon code, Thegiftinsider to get 10% off your order!


Jun 30 2010

Keep Him The Way You Married Him

This is funny, cheeky gift to give a new bride.

At only $10.99 it’s a perfect gag gift to throw in with the classy item you bought off their registry.

Find this at a local metro Detroit shop, Catching Fireflies.

The store and web site have lots of inexpensive, but unique and fun items like this.


Jun 30 2010

Jun 30 2010

The Preppy Princess

The Preppy Princess is full of fun, personalized and obviously preppy gifts ideas.

I love when companies take a normal boring item and make it something fun and special!  That’s exactly how I feel about these monogrammed cutting boards.

Check out the site for more ideas, they really have it all.



Jun 30 2010

Orchid and Candle Combo

If you ever read my blog, you know I am obsessed with Orchids.

That’s why I was so excited when I discovered this Etsy artist, La Bella Candela, who combines orchids (among other flowers) and candles.

Great housewarming gift!





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