Oct 3 2013

#FashionSpeak // Our chat with D:Hive Founder, April Boyle

Dhive Detroit

We had an awesome time chatting with D:Hive founder, April Boyle, about all the cool things they are doing to help small businesses start up at the first annual Fashion Speak Detroit event.

We totally love what they doing: helping creative, small business types learn the ropes on how to start up and what it really takes to make it.  We also love all the awesome and unique companies that they are helping bring into the Detroit community.  And we’re pumped to help get the word out about them too.

“People want local, they want to buy small, they want to spend their money on things they can believe in.”   We TOTALLY agree, and can’t wait to keep hearing about all the cool companies that D:Hive churns out.




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