Jan 22 2013

Our First Experience at The AmericasMart International Gift Market (& deets about our big seminar!)

We were in our little piece of gifting heaven when we got asked to host a seminar last week at the AmericasMart International Gift Market.  Three buildings full of all the lastest products and gifts in the market … and our job was to walk through them all, pick out our Top 10 Picks and present them in a seminar to retailers and gift shop owners.  Not too shabby of a gig 🙂

Be sure to check out the linked presentation below if you are interested in what gifts we picked out.

(We gotta be honest, we felt pretty VIP being all over the elevators!)















Check out images, company names and showrooms of our Top Ten Gift Picks from the 2013 America’sMart International Gift Market. Feel free to check out their site to find more info on the companies we chose as well.




Jun 19 2012

PRESS: TGI Interviewed by U.S. News – Affordable Father’s Day Gifts

Check out our interviewwith U.S. News …

With Father’s Day this Sunday, you might find yourself still without a gift for dad. But don’t worry: It’s not too late to get him a great present.

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Apr 7 2011

Knoxville Uses TheGiftInsider.com to Find Unique Gift for Jeff Tremaine!

Knoxville Uses Gift Insider to Find Unique Gift for Tremaine

Check out the blog post on EOnline that talks about Johnny Knoxville giving Jeff Tremaine a gift he found on TheGiftInsider.com.  He gave him this gadget that makes indoor rainbows any place you want. Fitting since Dickhouse Productions’ logo (the production company behind Jackass) is a big, huge rainbow.

We’ve known that Knoxville and the crazy kids at Dickhouse have been fans of The Gift Insider for a while now, they approached us in December to help them find cool and ridiculous gifts for clients for the holidays.

Goes to show that everyone could use some help finding sweet gifts, even celebs.

So excited the word is spreading to Hollywood …


Mar 1 2011

Our 20-Minute Interview on WGN Radio!

Listen to our first spot on WGN radio: WGN Valentines Day 2011


Such a fun day Sunday night with the wonderful Andrea Darlas and her team.  Here our some pics from my adventure w/ Alexx at the Tribune Tower.  We’ll be back on for Mother’s/Father’s Day!  You can call in and ask us all your gift-giving questions on-air.

At the Tribune Tower - WGN Radio

Alexx in the Green Room!

Interview with the fabulous Andrea Darlas


Feb 11 2011

Oct 11 2010

Aug 26 2010

The Gift Insider on Radio Go Girl

The Gift Insider will be doing our first radio show with Radio Go Girl on October 18th.

We’ll be discussing tips, advice and etiquette for creative and unique gift giving as well some fall and Halloween gift ideas.

A huge thanks to Radio Go Girl for giving us the opportunity to be involved in such a fun, innovative, women centered show!




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