Mar 18 2013

Gift-Giving Expert Tips // Office Gifting

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Forget the booze- Alcohol can be a touchy subject. Avoid giving officemates booze unless you know for a fact that they drink alcohol! Wouldn’t you rater be safe than sorry?

Don’t be afraid to give DIY gifts- Why not make the gift yourself? Pinterest, one of our favorite sites, is full of personal DIY gift ideas on both ends of the price spectrum. DIY gifts express that you put both thought and effort into creating a unique gift for a special person!

Include a gift receipt if possible- Okay, so not every gift is a perfect match, but that’s nothing to be offended by! Why not eliminate the fuss of difficult exchanges for your gift receiver and get a gift receipt along with the gift? Tape it to the side of the box so it can be seen, but isn’t too obvious.

Don’t wait until the last minute- Try to avoid last minute purchases. People can tell if you just threw something together right before work. We believe a gift is something that should make someone feel special, so plan ahead and don’t take the easy way out.

Be aware of food allergies- Are you infamous for your chocolate chunk cookies? Baked goods are a great gift to give, especially during the holiday season, but make sure to be mindful of food allergies. You never want to give a gift someone can’t enjoy! Gluten free chocolate chunk cookies anyone?

*Check out our favorite delicious goodies that will be sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and tickle any foodies’ heart.

Wrap your gifts with pizzazz- Make your gift even more exciting to open by wrapping it in an innovative and fabulous way. Check out our Pinterest board with TONS of packaging suggestions or our time saving gift-wrapping tips!

The person who has everything- Why not give back while giving? Consider giving a donation in someone’s name to a charity. A “feel-good” gift to give.

Don’t go too overboard- So, you love gifting like we do? Unfortunately sometimes in an office setting you must be aware of how your gifting techniques reflect on your personality. You don’t want to be viewed as the “brown-noser” of the office!

Hey TGI readers- Can you think of a time when you found yourself in an interesting office-gifting situation? Let us know!



Dec 23 2012

Guest Feature: Unique Gift Ideas For Your Co-Workers – Under $20

So you just got the office holiday party invite and now you’re on the lookout unique gifts for your co-workers that won’t break the bank. If you’re anything like me you’ve got a healthy competition to go with your holiday cheer and that means finding the best gifts, the ones that’ll knock your co-workers socks off! With a $20 limit and making sure your gift is office appropriate you may feel like you’ve got a challenge on your hands. But not to worry, I’ve got 10 of the most unique gifts under $20 for co-workers that will have everyone wondering how in the world you thought of that!


Record Coasters

Record Coasters


This gift is sure to be a hit! Made from real vinyl records, these record coasters from Uncommon Goods will have your recipient singing with joy! Each set comes with six original LP record labels and has a price tag just under $20, making it a budget friendly one of a kind gift.

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