Oct 14 2014

Gift Guide: Last-Minute Boss’s Day Gift Ideas

REMINDER! Boss’s Day is October 16th.  Make sure you show some love to the person who signs those paychecks.   All of today’s picks for your Boss can ordered via Amazon Prime (2-Day Free Shipping) so it will arrive right to the office on October 16th. Links below.


1. Graphic Image Planner  2. Macaron On-Trend Treats  3.  Bluetooth iDock Handset   4.  WIFI Cuff Links  5. *Try The World Gift Basket  6.  ROK Espresso Maker  7.  Jawbone JAMBOX   8.  Handpresso Travel Set

*Try the World can’t be ordered via Amazon Prime, but is an easy last-minute subscription box option.

Need other ideas? Browse our Business Gifts section.


Mar 18 2013

Gift-Giving Expert Tips // Office Gifting

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Forget the booze- Alcohol can be a touchy subject. Avoid giving officemates booze unless you know for a fact that they drink alcohol! Wouldn’t you rater be safe than sorry?

Don’t be afraid to give DIY gifts- Why not make the gift yourself? Pinterest, one of our favorite sites, is full of personal DIY gift ideas on both ends of the price spectrum. DIY gifts express that you put both thought and effort into creating a unique gift for a special person!

Include a gift receipt if possible- Okay, so not every gift is a perfect match, but that’s nothing to be offended by! Why not eliminate the fuss of difficult exchanges for your gift receiver and get a gift receipt along with the gift? Tape it to the side of the box so it can be seen, but isn’t too obvious.

Don’t wait until the last minute- Try to avoid last minute purchases. People can tell if you just threw something together right before work. We believe a gift is something that should make someone feel special, so plan ahead and don’t take the easy way out.

Be aware of food allergies- Are you infamous for your chocolate chunk cookies? Baked goods are a great gift to give, especially during the holiday season, but make sure to be mindful of food allergies. You never want to give a gift someone can’t enjoy! Gluten free chocolate chunk cookies anyone?

*Check out our favorite delicious goodies that will be sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and tickle any foodies’ heart.

Wrap your gifts with pizzazz- Make your gift even more exciting to open by wrapping it in an innovative and fabulous way. Check out our Pinterest board with TONS of packaging suggestions or our time saving gift-wrapping tips!

The person who has everything- Why not give back while giving? Consider giving a donation in someone’s name to a charity. A “feel-good” gift to give.

Don’t go too overboard- So, you love gifting like we do? Unfortunately sometimes in an office setting you must be aware of how your gifting techniques reflect on your personality. You don’t want to be viewed as the “brown-noser” of the office!

Hey TGI readers- Can you think of a time when you found yourself in an interesting office-gifting situation? Let us know!



Oct 27 2010

Guys to Give Guys – Sports Trash Talk

We get it, we get it.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like the most manly of activities to research, purchase, wrap and deliver a special gift for your buddies…
That’s why this manly, trash talking service is the perfect “gift” for sports loving, high-fiving, beer guzzling men.  
Rivalgrams.com will have a real person call your bud and talk trash about any team, any sport.  You can customize calls or make it anonymous.  They’ll brag about your sick quarterback, play your teams fight song, or celebrate a big touchdown and really get under the skin of your rival buddies favorite team. 

Prices range from $1.25 – $2.25 and for $10 you can have them call your buddy every day for 20 days leading up to the big game. 
This is a fabulous idea I found on Netted by the Webbies 

Aug 16 2010

Citizen Bean Coffee of The Month

Citizen Bean Coffee of the Month Club is one of the most clever coffee of the month clubs I have came across.

Each month you get a pound of coffee from independent roasters all across the country.  They even send little cookies, crackers and hand wrapped gifts to make their experience as perfect as possible.

Better yet, a portion of the proceeds goes towards the charity of your choice!



May 20 2010

His Files Will All Be Organized and Safe Thanks to You!

Up to 75% Off Select Personalized Gifts! CLICK HERE to Shop Things Remembered Now!

Give Dad or Grad a personalized USB drive.



Apr 15 2010

Design Your Own Candy Bars

Chocri is a candy company that lets you completely customize your Chocolate Bar.

You can pick up to six toppings, your fav type of chocolate and even personalize the box.

Great graduation present.  It’s always tough to find gifts for a huge group of friends, this way you can get them all Chocri bars and pick the ingredients you think they’d like best!

Inexpensive, thoughtful, customized


Apr 1 2010

Best Gifts Are Ones That Say I Know You!

These candles are a great way to show someone you  actually had them in mind when you went out to by them a gift . 

Aromatherapy Intervention has a candle to fit every type of person and every mood.

They smell delish, are modern, fun and only $21.00!

Great gift to stock up on.


Mar 5 2010

MINI Everything at Minimus

  Miniumus is a site that pretty much makes mini everything.

I thought these Bachelor Kits were pretty funny.

They created two different styles, one For Him to “throw in the back of his car for any impromptu sleepovers” and then the one that is pictured For Her, “so she has no excuses to not spend the night.”

They also have lots of travel kits, office kits, camping kits, the works.


Feb 6 2010

Shemergency Survival Kit

These are fun little gifts for friends or daughters on Valentine’s Day from See Jane Work.    The Shemergency Kit is adorable – everything you need for any lady emergency that might come up.

The product to the right is pretty cute too.  You can’t read it but it says “sew chic”… like a sewing kit that’s so cute and chic.

I have written a few posts about them in the past, but in case you missed it See Jane Work is a GREAT site to find find gifts to keep you organized, office gifts, tons of stuff for mothers.


Feb 6 2010

Gifts for REAL men

For Him gifts from Cambria Cover. 
Single Malt Scotch book great gift for your husband on valentine’s day 
Their chocolates are pretty chic too. They are in a black super slim box are all iridescent colors.



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