Dec 11 2012

TGI Review: Limited Edition – Birchbox Home


I’ve always loved the “idea” of Birchbox and subscription boxes but truthfully never thought it was something I actually needed. I have an obscene amount of shampoo samples from every city I’ve ever been too, and spend way too much on I didn’t really “get it” until TODAY. I had quite the Aha moment while opening up a few boxes of samples that Birchbox sent over.

IT IS SO FREAKIN’ EXCITING OPENING UP A BOX OF STUFF when you have no clue what’s in it, but that you know is going to be good.  That’s the key, and in our case always the key, curation.

3 Top Reason Why I Loved It:

– PS I Made This DIY Napkin Kit

– Tips, Inspiration and Recipe cards (like an edited mix of your fav entertaining advice from your fav mags, party playlists and all)

-Truffle and Sicilian Sea Salt from Rome and Dean and Delucca Rosmary, things I’d never normally splurge on my own but love to have

Here are 3 cool boxes for the men in your life:

  • Bespoke Post
  • 12 Society
  • TheFancy

Aug 16 2010

Citizen Bean Coffee of The Month

Citizen Bean Coffee of the Month Club is one of the most clever coffee of the month clubs I have came across.

Each month you get a pound of coffee from independent roasters all across the country.  They even send little cookies, crackers and hand wrapped gifts to make their experience as perfect as possible.

Better yet, a portion of the proceeds goes towards the charity of your choice! 


Jul 1 2010

RoastE Coffee Tours

Coffee of the month clubs are a great gift idea for weddings, hostess gifts, thank you gifts, graduation gifts … pretty much any occasion!

There are tons of different companies out there but I really love this particular company called RoastE.

RoastE has different coffee “tours,”.  So if you like African coffees you can pick the African Tour, or espresso tour, or organic tour.

Then what’s even smarter is that they let you order your coffee like you do your Netflix, order the next batch whenever you are ready, just like a queue.


Jun 30 2010

Destination Dinners – Recipe Kits From Around The Globe

I recently read about this company and immediately fell in love with the idea.

Destination Dinners puts together meal kits from all over the world, Thailand, Lebanon, Jamica.. you name it.  They put together hard to find spices and all the dry ingredients to make your feast as easy as possible.

I especially love their Destination Passport idea, which sends you a new recipe kit each month.

Great housewarming, hostess or wedding gift for people who like to try new things!

From $25-$30


Mar 5 2010

MINI Everything at Minimus

  Miniumus is a site that pretty much makes mini everything.

I thought these Bachelor Kits were pretty funny.

They created two different styles, one For Him to “throw in the back of his car for any impromptu sleepovers” and then the one that is pictured For Her, “so she has no excuses to not spend the night.”

They also have lots of travel kits, office kits, camping kits, the works.


Feb 5 2010

Cutest Deliveries in The Midwest

If you are from Michigan you probably know about Zingerman’s.  But Zingerman’s is the go-to-place for cookies, brownies and specialty foods of all sorts.

They have quirky and cool delivery packages too.
Great idea to send to someone at college, a thank you or a as a congratulations.

My mom used to send huge assortment packages to my sorority at school for all the girls during finals … it was amazing.



Jan 8 2010

Panty of The Month Club

Designer Panty of the Month
$100 gift – includes a designer panty delivered to the recipient’s home 4 months in a row. Gift card is mailed with first panty.

European Panty of the Month
$250 gift – includes a beautiful European panty delivered to the recipient’s home 4 months in a row. Gift card is mailed with first panty. Complimentary garter hosiery or thigh high hosiery included in first order.


Dec 21 2009

J.Crew’s New Of-The-Month Clubs

In my experience, people who like J.Crew, LOVE J.Crew.   

Lucky for them, J.Crew is now offering twelve months of luxury for anyone who had been super nice on your gift list this year. 

I’m a big fan of the jewelry of the month idea – J.Crew has some wonderful new Jewelry designs out lately. 

Great gift to give your wife just to make sure she remembers how much you love her every single month of the year! 

Jewelry of the month club- $850.00
Cashmere of the month club – $1,875.00
Shoe of the month club – $1,800,000
Tie of the month – $550.00
Call 1-866-739-5944 to sign up!




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