May 16 2012

GIFT SPOTTING: New York International Gift Fair


Nadia Lee Jewerly


Josh Bosh Ties, mainly for their creative display.


POP Phone, we’ve all seen ’em but the new designs on these were unbeatable. Hello leopard!


Izak Handbags, love the designs.


Dec 2 2011

May we indie-duce you

…to some handmade treasures from indie artists straight outta NY. If you’re still looking for gift ideas for the holidays (our site + blog are chock full!) then may be suggest going indie…

It’ll definitely be a unique gift plus you’ll be supporting small businesses and artists in the mean time! Here are some of our finds:

1.Modern + Edgy Silhouette Portraits by Kinderling [$29.95]

They took the traditional silhouette portrait and added a dose of funk to them. Send them a photo, choose from custom patterns, water-color styles and modern vintage looks and in 2 weeks time you’ll have your custom silhouette portrait.


2.Luxe iPhone Cases by Elegantly Untamed [$350]

Let glitz devour your iPhone with this uber luxe case from Elegantly Untamed.  You’ll be blinging out of control in this chic handmade accessory. It’s a must for a glam girl.


3.Personalized Postcard Mug by Bailey Doesn’t Bark [$24]

If you’re too old for the BFF necklace, why not send your faraway best friend a personalized postcard mug? Every time they sip their java, they’ll think of you. Awwww.


4.Custom Twitter Jewelry by Survival of the Hippest [$49.95] 

These custom necklaces from Survival of the Hippest are the perfect gift for the Twitter fiend who’s alter ego is their Twitter name. Customize the necklace with your @name or a #hashtag. Wearing this 24/7 will probably attract more followers.


5.Custom Photo Nesting Dolls by Shag Brooklyn

Multiply yourself for your loved ones with these custom photo nesting dolls from Shag Brooklyn. Artist Hally McGehean will create these adorable round versions of you using a decoupage treatment, based on the picture you send her.




Oct 11 2011

The Gift Insiders NYC Debut on NY1 News!!!!!

The Gift Insider on NY1

I still can’t totally believe it, but The Gift Insider is making our first appearance in New York City, the biggest market in the country (and one of my personal favorite places in the entire world.) We’ll be highlighting “Handcrafted Gift Ideas from Local New York Artisans” on December 2nd on NY1 News.

Couldn’t be more excited….





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