Feb 5 2010

Show How Much You Love Them With Heart Shaped Pancakes

Make heart shaped pancakes!

Fun little sunday activity to do on Valentine’s Day.


Uncommon Goods


Feb 5 2010

Design Your Own iPhone Cases

Uncommon cases let you design anything you want on an your iPhone case.

For Valentine’s Day you can upload a picture or they have premade ideas like the ones to the right. 
Makes me wish I had an iPhone.

Dec 18 2009

Dec 18 2009

Everyone Wants The Best For Their Child, Right?

I know, I know $650 for a mini motorized BMW is slightly ridic…but that’s Saks Gift Guide for ya. And don’t worry haters, they have Mercedes too.

I couldn’t help but post, but to be perfectly clear I definitely DO NOT support buying your kid his first beemer at age 3-5.  But if you are so inclined…




Dec 16 2009

Give A Fruit Gum Gift Basket

Wrigley’s Fabulous Fruit Basket is a great gift for coworkers, bosses or clients.

It’s the same idea as a typical fruit basket but is way more original of an idea, never rots, and is a great thing to pass around the office.

It comes in two reasonably priced sizes – a small gum box ($24.99) and a large gum basket ($34.99).





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