Aug 9 2016

Sponsor We Love: Artwood Suncatchers

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personalized suncatcher

Housewarming gift alert! Artwood, a family business in Ireland, creates these wooden and crystal Suncatchers in an effort to brighten up any home! Each beautiful suncatcher is the perfect piece to hang in your window and refracts sunlight to create rainbows. They are handmade, peaceful, and stunning to look at! We love that you can customize your gift with names, special dates and quotes. Ship free in 4-7 days and start around $30.

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*this post is in collaboration with a sponsor we love, Artwood Ireland


Aug 7 2013

DIY Gifts Ideas // What to Bring to the Party

The Gift Insider is always looking at Pinterest for fun and unique gift ideas. Here are some of our favorite DIY gifts to bring to the party- Enjoy + be sure to follow us on Pinterest! 


Hangover Mimosa Kit: After all the cooking, cleaning, decorating – what hostess wouldn’t want to wake up the next morning with the ingredients for a mimosa?


Latern Filled with Hostess Gifts: Fill a latern with gifts any hostess would love.


Lime tree and Coronas: A simple DIY house warming gift for the perfect hostess.


S’mores on a Stick: Delicious gift for a weekend barbecue or party – presents so well party go-ers will think you spent hours on them!


Alcoholic Ice Pops: Holy adulthood! Alcoholic ice pops, perfect for a day on the beach/boat… or any day you’re too lazy to lift your glass.





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