Dec 4 2013

Gift Advice // 2013 Top Ten Gift Trends

The Gift Insider spends our days scouring boutiques, the web and magazines to find the hottest and most on-trend gifts out there.   We’ve rounded up some of the latest holiday gift trends we are seeing this year.


1. State Pride Gifts – Totes, necklaces, soaps and prints in the shape of your state or with your neighborhood map have been huge.  Try a state shaped cutting boards.

2. Alphabet and Letter Decor – Vintage Marquee Lights, metal and fabric intial letters are a great customized gift that gives a customized flare to giftees homes.

3. Glitz and Glam is Everywhere – Sparkles, gems and glitter are big with the ladies this season. Try  Soap Baubles, soap in the shape of gems or glam nail polish from AKay Style are a great pic for any glam girl.

4. Monthly Subscription Services –  It’s the new version of “of-the-month” clubs. Blacksocks is a subscription service that sends 3 pairs of black socks to your home 3 times a year for $89.00. Try The World sends you gift boxes from different parts of the world, first stop Paris and Blockful sends you delish artisan edibles from different cities like Chicago and Seattle.

5. Insta-worthy Gifts – New moms are loving, Belly Banter milestone monthly stickers are huge for the little ones to take photos of their growth each month and the XShot that let’s you extend your camera so everything and everyone can get in the shot.

6. Go Wireless – Wireless speakers like the Sonos that play your internet radio and playlists directly through your home speakers, solar iPhone charging systems, bluetooth BBQ thermometers.  No wants to deal with the cords anymore.

7. Put Their Name On It –  For the men, try these leather bound “hobby” books that can be personalized with their name for caffeine addicts try customized coffee grinds labels or gift your kids a photo of their name on an actual street sign.

8. Terrariums and Succulents – These are a huge trend in plants and floral.  They last longer than flowers and give an urban flare to any home. Faerie Nest even has “naughty” miniatures to add to it.

9. Vintage + Retro  – It’s all back. Use a vintage family photo and gift a one-of-a kind pillow to Grams or give a refubrished gramophone speaker to your favorite hipster.

10. DIY Everything – DIY or Do it Yourself gifts are all the rage with the crafty types, check out our Pinterest Board for Inspiration.


Nov 13 2013

Ridiculously Early Holiday Gift Guide + Discounts {Seen on WGN Chicago}

It’s never too early to start snagging some of the best gifts for the holidays. We’ve got some great picks that will be sure to wow everyone on your list. Video clip below.


1. Custom Photo Vase // GET 50% OFF CODE

2. Personalized Leather Bound Books // GET 10% OFF CODE

3. Custom Gifts For Men from Charitable Creations // GET 25% OFF CODE

4. Pocket Camera Extender from XShot // GET 15% OFF CODE

5. Vintage Charm, Stationary and Gift Wrap // GET 20% OFF CODE

6. Belly Banter Watch Me Grow // GET 50% OFF CODE

7. Street Sign Name Print  // GET 10% OFF CODE

8. State Cutting Board // GET 10% OFF CODE



Nov 30 2012

Haute Holiday Gift Guide + Deals << As Seen on Good Day Chicago >>


Personalized party decor for the hostess that’s always trying to out-do herself. Choose from an array of trendy designs for banners, place cards, party signs and so much more. They also have Decor Packages if you want the whole she-bang.

Party Decor Packages $69-$128



The larger the handset, the better the reception…or something like that! These retro hip phone accessories are the coolest way to turn your phone back into the phone you use to use in the 90s. With so many colors to choose from an exclusive TGI discount, you can rock a different color everyday!

Use code: giftinsider at check out to GET 50% OFF

3. For the QUEEN BEE


Give a much hauter chocolate this year with this Rare Facet 6-piece box from Kohler handmade in Wisconsin. Dark chocolate flavors include: pomegranate, blueberry, pineapple, sour cherry, mandarin ginger & cranberry-raspberry.




Membership to this exclusive society 4 bottles of the Society’s single cask, single malt scotch from 4 different regions in Scotland, a leather-bound handbook, a notebook for tasting notes and a members-only quarterly magazine. Plus, check out exclusive member events in 13 cities.

$229/membership; $60 yearly renewal fee.



Choose from an array of mirrors to personalize and they’ll create a lasting memory using their unique laser process to customize your mirror with pictures, texts or logos.

Mirrors start at $37.50 but GET 30% OFF with The Gift Insider coupon code here



So you’re not a fan of wrapping and you want to add a more personal touch to the gifts you bought online…but have no clue what to do? Delightfully will take your personal photos and wrap your online gifts. It’s sure to help with some of your last-minute woes and plus, they’ll think you spent so much time wrapping.

 $3/gift but use coupon code from The Gift Insider here & it’s FREE until 12/3/12 only


Project Treasure

Project Treasure

Collaborate with loved ones to create special messages online, that will be sent in this beautiful chest, for a gift anyone will truly treasure.  Send reasons “You Love Grandma” or “I Remember Whens” for a gift that will be passed down for generations.

$49.99 or 10% off code here. 

Watch Lindsay from The Gift Insider on Fox’s Good Day Chicago Below!

Happy Gifting!



Nov 21 2012

TGI TIPS: How to Handle Holiday In-Store Shopping

· Do it Solo Research shows that when shopping with a spouse or children, you are more likely to spend more time and money.  Focus on the task at hand and head to shops at off-hours or on weekdays.

· Support Local Businesses- Support your neighborhood brick-and-mortars this season by doing your in-store shopping on Small Business Saturday, November 24th.

· Browse Before You Go Use the Catalogue App to check out all the latest catalogues from 100’s of national chains. Take note of what you need from each retailer so you can stay focused and save time.

· Black Friday- Caution, this is a very stressful day to shop, if you can handle it, go for it. If not, spend the day organizing your online plan of attack for Cyber Monday.


Nov 19 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts You Should Plan Ahead For (Exclusive TGI Discounts)

Gift Insider Gifts You Need to Plan Ahead For


Personalized gifts are always on the top of our lists, but they’re not the kind of gifts you can get with next-day shipping. Save yourself some stress (and money!) by planning early for the holidays this year.

We’ve chosen out some of your fave holiday gifts you need to plan ahead for that are well worth the wait. And we have discounts for most from 15-50% off!

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Nov 19 2012

TGI TIPS: Save Time, Do As Much Holiday Shopping As You Can Online

·Take Wrapping and Delivery Off Your To-Do List For out-of-town family and friends, order from online retailers that will wrap and send gifts directly to their homes.

· Don’t Miss Out On Cyber Monday- This is the one day you MUST dedicate to online shopping.  Stock up on big-ticket items, toys, bulk gifts and electronics on this huge day for online savings.

· Buy in Bulk- Start the habit of having “signature go-to gifts”. It saves you time and you end up having your own “style” of gift-giving. One year stock up on cool handmade coasters and rare brands of beer, or bling business card cases and Voluspa candles.

· Get Handmade Trends Sent to Your Inbox- Etsy is our go-to for handmade gifts. Sign up now for Etsy’s highly curated emails that are chock-full of gifting ideas and trends for every personality on your list.

· Avoid Paying for Shipping- Find free shipping deals at or wait until FreeShippingDay on December 17th.


Dec 10 2011

Go-To Holiday Gifts: For the Ladies

You never know who you are going to forget on that huge list, we’ve put together some ideas for “Go-To Gifts Ideas for the Ladies” that you can give the hostess, teachers, hairstylists, or any aquantances you forgot to plan for.  Be sure to check them out live in our NBC 5 Chicago Clip below.

Watch us chat about these gifts ideas on our “Go – To Gift ideas for People You Forgot to Plan for” on NBC 5 Chicago  on 12.11.  Here is a link to our other segment later that day w/ more “Gift Ideas for the Special Women in Your Life.”

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