Dec 1 2020

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Nov 15 2014

Video Blog: Adopt an Olive Oil Tree from Nudo

Watch our latest video blog on a perfect gift for Someone Who Has It All.  Quarterly olive oil delivered from their own tree in Italy!

From Nudo / Use code NUDOTV20 for 20% off! (limited time only)


Dec 13 2013

Holiday Gift Guides // As Seen On FOX Chicago + NBC Chicago


1. Gold Chambord Coffee Press//$70   2. Crystal Head Vodka Rolling Stone Gift Set//$89.95   3. Sockscription//Starting at $30   4. Winter In Venice In Vegas Trip//Luxury Suites Starting at $149/night   5. Birchbox Sparkle & Shine Holiday Cracker Gift Set//4 pack for $58   6. Tresor Lolita Pendant//From $59 + 15% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT CODE   7. Paris Try The World Gift Box//Regular price $59.95 but $49.95 with INSIDER DISCOUNT   8. Carnivore Club//$50/month + get $10 OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT   9. Mermaid Tails//Regular price $60 but get 10% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT   10. Gold Initial Mugs//$10 


1. Concannon Irish Whiskey//$24.99   2. Glitz & Glam Gift Set from Sephora//Only $45 ($159 value)  3. Personalized Collar Stays//$19.95 for 2 and get 10% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT  4. Gift A Feast//$49.95 and get 20% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT  5. Birchbox Sparkle & Shine Holiday Crackers//$58 for a 4-pack   6. SS Print Shop//$35    7. Sphere Ice Mold//Set of 2 for $10.95   8. Mason Jar Shot Glasses//4-pack for $15   9. Holdaplate Cocktail Plates//Starting at $6.99 but 40% OFF in December   10. Carnivore Club//$50/month + $10 OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT


Nov 13 2013

Ridiculously Early Holiday Gift Guide + Discounts {Seen on WGN Chicago}

It’s never too early to start snagging some of the best gifts for the holidays. We’ve got some great picks that will be sure to wow everyone on your list. Video clip below.


1. Custom Photo Vase // GET 50% OFF CODE

2. Personalized Leather Bound Books // GET 10% OFF CODE

3. Custom Gifts For Men from Charitable Creations // GET 25% OFF CODE

4. Pocket Camera Extender from XShot // GET 15% OFF CODE

5. Vintage Charm, Stationary and Gift Wrap // GET 20% OFF CODE

6. Belly Banter Watch Me Grow // GET 50% OFF CODE

7. Street Sign Name Print  // GET 10% OFF CODE

8. State Cutting Board // GET 10% OFF CODE



Dec 14 2012

Hip Holiday Gift Guide << As Seen On NY1 >>

hip holiday gift guide

We’ve been spreading our holiday cheer from Chicago to Detroit to New York to give you some of our best holidays picks! Check out our appearance on NY1 and see some of our gift ideas we cover in our segment below.



treatful by opentable

This easy-to-use app by OpenTable makes getting restaurant gift cards a breeze! Choose a city, a restaurant and an amount, and your gift card will be emailed to your lucky recipient. Cards available from $25-$500.

DIY Glamour Cupcake Kit

glamour fondant cupcake kit from Brys & Edgewood

Just add eggs, oil and water to this cute Detroit start-up Brys + Edgewood’s DIY Fondant Glamour Cupcake Kit! With fun illustrated instructions included, it’s easier to follow along and stay inspired while creating your delicious masterpieces. It’s the perfect gift for the cooking fanatic or DIY queen. Cupcake kits make 18 and start at $35. Gift Insider members GET 15% OFF with this code.

Portable iPhone Charger

Portable iPhone chargers from Buyeratlarge

This a must-have for most! How many times have you freaked because your phone was about to die? Just carry around one of these handy and stylish portable iPhone chargers and you can juice up your device in no time! GET 25% OFF with The Gift Insider discount code here.


Project Treasure

project treasure

Collaborate with loved ones to create special messages online, that will be sent in this beautiful chest, for a gift anyone will truly treasure.  Send reasons “You Love Grandma” or “I Remember Whens” for a gift that will be passed down for generations. $49.99 or GET 10% OFF code here.


Retro Handset

retro phone handset

Plug in some nostalgia! This super awesome retro handset (that comes in a bunch of colors) is the hippest way to make phone calls from your iPhone. Hey, the 90s called and they want their headset back! Use code: giftinsider at check out to GET 50% OFF.


Nov 30 2012

Haute Holiday Gift Guide + Deals << As Seen on Good Day Chicago >>


Personalized party decor for the hostess that’s always trying to out-do herself. Choose from an array of trendy designs for banners, place cards, party signs and so much more. They also have Decor Packages if you want the whole she-bang.

Party Decor Packages $69-$128



The larger the handset, the better the reception…or something like that! These retro hip phone accessories are the coolest way to turn your phone back into the phone you use to use in the 90s. With so many colors to choose from an exclusive TGI discount, you can rock a different color everyday!

Use code: giftinsider at check out to GET 50% OFF

3. For the QUEEN BEE


Give a much hauter chocolate this year with this Rare Facet 6-piece box from Kohler handmade in Wisconsin. Dark chocolate flavors include: pomegranate, blueberry, pineapple, sour cherry, mandarin ginger & cranberry-raspberry.




Membership to this exclusive society 4 bottles of the Society’s single cask, single malt scotch from 4 different regions in Scotland, a leather-bound handbook, a notebook for tasting notes and a members-only quarterly magazine. Plus, check out exclusive member events in 13 cities.

$229/membership; $60 yearly renewal fee.



Choose from an array of mirrors to personalize and they’ll create a lasting memory using their unique laser process to customize your mirror with pictures, texts or logos.

Mirrors start at $37.50 but GET 30% OFF with The Gift Insider coupon code here



So you’re not a fan of wrapping and you want to add a more personal touch to the gifts you bought online…but have no clue what to do? Delightfully will take your personal photos and wrap your online gifts. It’s sure to help with some of your last-minute woes and plus, they’ll think you spent so much time wrapping.

 $3/gift but use coupon code from The Gift Insider here & it’s FREE until 12/3/12 only


Project Treasure

Project Treasure

Collaborate with loved ones to create special messages online, that will be sent in this beautiful chest, for a gift anyone will truly treasure.  Send reasons “You Love Grandma” or “I Remember Whens” for a gift that will be passed down for generations.

$49.99 or 10% off code here. 

Watch Lindsay from The Gift Insider on Fox’s Good Day Chicago Below!

Happy Gifting!



Nov 9 2012

(Really, Really) Ridiculously Early Holiday Gift Guide

So we haven’t eaten turkey and stuffing yet, but we’re in holiday gift mode already and here are some of our dedicated finds that we featured on Fox 2 Detroit this Saturday November 10th! We have 25-50% off discounts for our members right around the segment, so be sure to sign up on top of the site and then click the links below for the coupon codes!

Ridiculously Early Holiday Gift Guide from The Gift Insider

Sign For Mom (25% Off Code) > Scotch Malt Whiskey Society > Sparrow Key Ring + Holder > Personalized Keychain (40% Off code)> Date Coupon Book (50% off code) > Gold Tablet Stand  (Win it!)> Livescribe Pen

*Be sure to sign up or sign in on top of our site, then click on the coupon code box on the above pages to get our members only discounts. Codes will expire in a couple days!

*WIN the 400 oZ Tablet Holder! ($400 tablet holder)

Watch our gift guide products featured live on Fox 2 Detroit below.


Dec 11 2011

Great Gift Ideas for Girlfriend or any Special Ladies in Your Life: NBC Chicago

We know it’s tough, we’re here to help! We’ve found the most creative gifts for girlfriends or any ladies who deserve some special attention this Holiday. We’ve found you some great discounts on them as well.  Watch us on NBC Chicago this past Sunday, December 11th.




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