Aug 16 2010

Citizen Bean Coffee of The Month

Citizen Bean Coffee of the Month Club is one of the most clever coffee of the month clubs I have came across.

Each month you get a pound of coffee from independent roasters all across the country.  They even send little cookies, crackers and hand wrapped gifts to make their experience as perfect as possible.

Better yet, a portion of the proceeds goes towards the charity of your choice! 


Aug 16 2010

First Solar Powered Portable iPod Player

This item is perfect for Tailgating, BBQing, hanging by the pool.

It’s the first Solar Powered Portable iPod and iPhone player.  It’s super durable and splash proof, made from aluminum and rubber so it’s perfect for using outdoors.

You just lift the Solar Panel up and it charges the battery and lasts up to 7 hours in the sun!

Making your tailgating a little greener and easier!


Aug 11 2010

Embroidered Crown Royal Bags

These are a favorite of sports champions to give teammates.  The whole New Orleans Saints got these personalized after their Super Bowl win.

Even if you don’t happen to be a national champion athlete, it’s still a great gift to give to the boys – tailgates, groomsmen gifts, birthdays, etc.


Aug 11 2010

Give The Ultimate Tailgating Cooler

The Ultimate Tailgating Cooler is a luxury gift, worthy of only the most-experienced tailgaters.  
The all-in-one cooler has everything you need for the big game 


Jul 23 2010

Artful Heirlooms – Make A Caricature of all your Besties

I had this caricature made in 2003 for all my best girlfriends when they graduated high school and we still all have it hanging on our walls!

Artful Heirlooms makes custom caricatures for any group or individual you’d like.

All you have to do is send in a few pictures and they will draw a fun and humorous sketch of all your favorite people!


Jul 20 2010

Jul 6 2010

Mini Rechargeable Speakers

With all the iPods, iPads, and iPhones out there now (clearly I’m a big apple girl), it’s easy to have access to your music wherever you are.

The problem is there aren’t always plugs everywhere you’d like to jam out… the beach, the boat, the park, hikes, rooftop parties, bbqs.

That’s why these mini speakers from iHome are perfect.  The  iHM79 speakers are tiny, cute, rechargeable and ultra portable.  They have some other more masculine designs I love as well. 

$49.99 at iHome Audio


Jul 5 2010

Del Toro Velvet Shoes

Del Toro is a student run company that makes customizable men’s velvet shoes.

You can personalize with your initials, university logo, or family crest.

It’s a great gift for your groomsmen.  Try customizing each one with your wedding parties initials or alma mater.

Del Toro


Jul 1 2010

RoastE Coffee Tours

Coffee of the month clubs are a great gift idea for weddings, hostess gifts, thank you gifts, graduation gifts … pretty much any occasion!

There are tons of different companies out there but I really love this particular company called RoastE.

RoastE has different coffee “tours,”.  So if you like African coffees you can pick the African Tour, or espresso tour, or organic tour.

Then what’s even smarter is that they let you order your coffee like you do your Netflix, order the next batch whenever you are ready, just like a queue.


Jun 30 2010

Sometimes All You Need Is A Little Luxury

Egyptian Cotton sheets are wonderful enough as is.

Then add on an embroidered monogram and you will win over just about anyone.

Luxor Linens is full of luxury items like theses sheets, and robes and towels etc.

Great wedding or housewarming gift to go in on with a bunch of people!




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