Dec 23 2012

Guest Feature: Unique Gift Ideas For Your Co-Workers – Under $20

So you just got the office holiday party invite and now you’re on the lookout unique gifts for your co-workers that won’t break the bank. If you’re anything like me you’ve got a healthy competition to go with your holiday cheer and that means finding the best gifts, the ones that’ll knock your co-workers socks off! With a $20 limit and making sure your gift is office appropriate you may feel like you’ve got a challenge on your hands. But not to worry, I’ve got 10 of the most unique gifts under $20 for co-workers that will have everyone wondering how in the world you thought of that!


Record Coasters

Record Coasters


This gift is sure to be a hit! Made from real vinyl records, these record coasters from Uncommon Goods will have your recipient singing with joy! Each set comes with six original LP record labels and has a price tag just under $20, making it a budget friendly one of a kind gift.

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