Feb 9 2010

Gift For A Movie Lover

The Roku lets you stream your Net Flix right to your TV.

Makes the brilliant idea of Netflick even more perfect for lazy couch potatoes.  And really anyone…

Only $79.00 and you never have to go out to rent a DVD again.


Feb 7 2010

Recessonita’s Resort Vacation, Health Club and Music Lessons All In One

I know the excitement has died a little, but I still think the Wii is amazing all around.

WiiSports Resort is a great way to pretend you are on the exotic vacation you plan to take after the economy picks up a bit.

And who doesn’t love Beatles Rock Band?  When I am home for the holidays we have Putnam Drive Rock Band nights … pretty unbeatable way to spend a night in.

And what a better way to work out than by sitting in front of your tv at home?

The Wii also won Good Housekeeping’s Very Innovative Product Awards … you can’t beat that.


Feb 5 2010

Perk Her Up In The Morning

Such a cute coffee/espresso machine.

Another great luxury every coffee lover could use.  Especially a red one.

Nescafe KP210650 Dolce Gusto Single-Serve Coffee Machine, Red


Feb 5 2010

Give a Cool Looking Cologne Bottle If You’re Gonna Give One

I love the look of this cologne bottle.

It reminds me of an exotic vaca, I can just picture how cute it would look next to my straw hat in some romantic hotel near the beach.

If an exotic vaca isn’t in the cards this year at least you’ll have a great smelling BF.

Artisan FOR MEN by John Varvatos – 4.2 oz EDT Spray (Tester)


Feb 5 2010

Give an iHome … for Your Bike

Another great idea by iHome.  This player goes in your bike so you can listen to your iPod easily while riding.
Click pictures above to purchase


Jan 5 2010

A Gift That Will Give Back To Any Cause You Choose

Give an I’m Tired Of… bracelet that will support almost any cause you can think of.
For every $10 bracelet you buy, I’m Tired… donates half the sale ($5) to a cause of your choice. You pick the cause and your bracelet and the donation will automatically be made on your behalf.
You can pick from a huge range of causes, Animal Cruelty, Global Warming, Aids, Breast Cancer, Hunger, Etc.

The bracelets are all eco-friendly, made from recycled tires and metal.  Super cute too.
Another great recommendation from a reader – keep ’em coming!

Buy A Bracelet!


Dec 21 2009

Gifts For Him Featured Guest Blogger – The Undistinguished Eye

While I know you all LOVE reading my take on gift ideas all the time, I figured it was about time to get some other perspectives on the topic. This is my first “Featured Guest Blogger” post, where writers from some of my favorite sites send in their ideas for some of the hottest and latest gift ideas out there. 

Today’s post is from a great site that I have mentioned a few times previously, www.theundistinguishedeye.com. Reese Pozgay, founder of the site, has seriously great taste and blogs about all that’s hot, cool and upcoming. Definitely a great site to bookmark and check out whenever you need a little update on the good life.

Check Out The Site:  http://www.theundistinguishedeye.com/

Many of you have found yourself searching for gifts on a more restricted budget this year. Fear not. Recession friendly gifts do exist out there for those of you still trying to recover from the storm. As the time for the last minute holiday gift scramble approaches, here are some ideas to help you narrow the search for the perfect affordable men’s gifts.

These great Jacobs by Marc Jacobs


Dec 18 2009

Dec 18 2009

Everyone Wants The Best For Their Child, Right?

I know, I know $650 for a mini motorized BMW is slightly ridic…but that’s Saks Gift Guide for ya. And don’t worry haters, they have Mercedes too.

I couldn’t help but post, but to be perfectly clear I definitely DO NOT support buying your kid his first beemer at age 3-5.  But if you are so inclined…




Dec 18 2009

Hangover Just Out On DVD!

The Hangover (Unrated Edition) [Blu-ray]

The Hangover came out a few days ago.

Great gift for a friend you totally forgot you had to get a gift for before now.



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