Feb 12 2013

What to Give for Valentine’s Day When You Aren’t Super Serious

It’s tough, we know. What do you do if you just started dating someone right around Valentine’s Day?  Or if you are dating someone but don’t want to put out too serious of signals? We get asked this a lot, so we decided to give three recommendations of ideas you can give to a Valentine in these types of situations.

Huge Sweettarts

HUGE CANDY. It has the WOW and fun factor, but nothing serious about it.  Big SweetTarts, huge gummy bears, huge marshmallows.  Edible is always a a safe bet.

You are Intoxicating Keychain

You’re Intoxicating Bottle Opener.   This keychain is perfect for the dude in your life. Fun and cheap gift for a Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.  No “I Love You’s”, just a funny “You’re Intoxicating” message on a beer bottle opener. When in doubt for non-serious gifts for guys, go with beer, scotch or whiskey related gifts.

Lobster Dinner Together

Stay in and Order Live Lobsters. Valentine’s Day dinners out are typically super romantic and expensive, but a great way to get out of having to do the “dinner and gift combo” is to make your gift the dinner.  Order Lobster to your door and have a fun night staying in and making it together.

Have any other sticky situations you aren’t sure what to give? Tell us and we’ll reply with some ideas for any type of relationship!




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